Tests for all? French doctor defies government on virus

first_imgAnxious patients wearing masks form a line zig-zagging back several streets outside a hospital in the French Mediterranean port city Marseille. Young and old all keep strictly one meter apart and an eerie silence hangs in the air, punctuated only by indignant shouts as some try to skip the queue.Hundreds got up at the crack of dawn to get in line to be screened for coronavirus in a France where normally tests are reserved for health care workers or people most at risk. The French health system is currently carrying out 5,000 tests every day but officials admit this is nowhere near enough to catch every case, meaning the real number infected could be much higher than the published data. Step in prominent but controversial French doctor Didier Raoult, head of the department specialising in infectious diseases in La Timone hospital in Marseille.He announced with five professors and doctors on Sunday that anyone feeling feverish or simply anxious could ask to be tested at the clinic. Student Louise Serrano has a temperature, a headache and a cough and has come for the screening with her father.  “My uncle is sick and my mother too, we prefer to get tested so we can protect them. They are more at risk of dying than us,” the 20-year-old said.Should be at homeBy 7:00 am, Gilbert Salomone was waiting in line with his wife and daughter for the clinic to open two hours later.The 49-year-old only has light symptoms and admits that he’s not particularly worried. “It’s mostly to find out whether we have it or not, to set our minds at rest,” he said. “For the test, it’s very quick, a swab in the nose and it’s over. We will be contacted within 48 hours if we are declared positive,” he added. Like Salomone, most people in the queue do not appear to have severe symptoms but an elderly man suddenly collapses.People around him attempt to carry him up the steps of the hospital, before healthcare workers come out with a wheelchair and take him inside. “Raoult is crazy, all these people should be at home!” said a doctor leaving the hospital after a long overnight shift. Showing up at a hospital just to take a coronavirus test flies in the face of official French policy which is to stay at home in isolation if a person fears having the disease and to only go to hospital in case of breathing difficulties.But attached to the railing outside a banner reads: “We support Professor Raoult” and the doctor is by no means a newcomer to controversy. Fake news?For weeks now, the eccentric scientist with shoulder-length blond hair and a grey beard has been advocating the use of chloroquine — long used as a treatment for malaria — as a cure for coronavirus. Raoult, 68, is a member of the expert committee advising the French government on the coronavirus.He reported that after treating 24 patients for six days with hydroxychloroquine, the virus disappeared in all but a quarter of them. He also believes it is essential to trust the results obtained in China by leading pulmonary disease expert Zhong Nanshan, whose tests appear to confirm the efficiency of the drug. US president Donald Trump has also advocated the use of chloroquine. But the research has not yet been peer reviewed or published, and Raoult has come under fire from scientists and government officials alike. His critics have pointed to problems with the protocol and worrying side effects of the drug. Fakemed, a group of scientists against fake news in health, has lambasted the professor. “A video accusing me of fake news has been viewed 450,000 times on Facebook,” said Raoult. “But it’s good publicity, they can carry on saying such awful things,” he added. The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, has said he is being treated with chloroquine after being diagnosed with the virus and he publicly defended Raoult.Waiting in line for her turn, 20-year-old Talia Abad said she would be open to trying the medicine. “People close to me work in the healthcare sector and they trust the treatment. And because I trust them, I’m willing to experiment,” she said. A clinical trial to test four treatments for coronavirus, including chloroquine, was launched on Sunday in seven European countries. The study is to be conducted on 3,200 patients. Topics :last_img read more

This Gold Coast home is a hidden tropical paradise

first_img108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley. 108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley. 108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley. 108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley. 108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley. 108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley.HIDDEN among the hills and bushland of Currumbin Valley, this sprawling resort-style mansion is almost invisible to passers-by.It seems impossible for a family home on acreage with pool, tennis court and guest villa to be so private in the middle of a housing estate but the property at 108 Aqua Promenade was built specifically for the site.It can only be accessed from a private lane and is separated from the rest of the estate with a large gate.center_img 108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley. 108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley.The design was inspired by resorts the family has encountered travelling the world.Mr Shapiro, who is an agent marketing the home with Lucy Cole Prestige Properties, said it had an eclectic combination of African, European and Australian influences.“This is a true resort,” he said.The entire home opens up to embrace surrounding tropical gardens and valley views.The infinity-edged pool with spa and sundeck as well as a gazebo and barbecue terrace are standout features of the homeClimb the spiral staircase from the alfresco area to a rooftop deck where valley views stretch as far as the eye can see.The master bedroom overlooks the grassy backyard and pool but it’s the ensuite’s spa with bi-fold windows that open onto the garden that is really special.Separated from the home by a wall of palm trees is a self-contained villa as well as the floodlit tennis court. 108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley.Owners Theo and Peta Shapiro had seclusion and privacy in mind when building the five-bedroom, four-bathroom home in 2006 – where they have lived with their four children ever since.First they chose the land, which was part of a new development.“A couple of days before it went to market, we took a drive here,” Mr Shapiro said.They immediately fell in love with it.“It had great valley views as well as forest and lake views,” Mr Shaprio said.The couple poured their hearts and souls into designing and building the tropical oasis to make sure it lived up to their expectations.The result is a luxury resort-style home that feels like it’s a world away from civilisation despite being 10 minutes from the beach, major shopping centres and Gold Coast Airport.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa17 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days ago“It turned out to be the most magnificent place,” Mr Shapiro said.“(The result) was always a bit of an unknown but it’s turned out better than we thought.“It’s been a life experience.” 108 Aqua Promenade, Currumbin Valley.Lucy Cole Prestige Properties managing director Lucy Cole described the home as “the best home I have seen in a long time”.“It’s quite a unique home,” Mrs Cole said.“The location in Currumbin Valley is superior and very private (and) the gardens are absolutely stunning. “It’s just an incredible piece of real estate.”last_img read more

£34bn asset pooling project ‘will fail without governance overhaul’

first_imgSome of the pension schemes involved in the LCIV had expressed “significant distrust” in other stakeholders and were looking at joining other pools instead, according to the Willis Towers Watson report.Despite the LCIV having launched 12 funds and attracted more than £6bn since it received regulatory approval in 2016, the vehicle has suffered major setbacks in recent months with the departures of CEO Hugh Grover and CIO Julian Pendock .“To move forward effectively, LCIV and all stakeholders need to look for an opportunity to reset their relationship to facilitate better working relationships and engagement”Willis Towers WatsonTim Mitchell, Adam Gillett and Oliver Faizallah, investment consultants at Willis Towers Watson and co-authors of the report, said the LCIV was “under-resourced and underfunded”, with “gaps across all aspects of operation”.They warned that “it is not at all apparent that it will be able to deliver on the original intention of its 32 local authority shareholders to bring their collective [assets] under a common pooling vehicle”. Former chancellor George Osborne pushed for LGPS pooling in 2015The work foreshadowed the UK government’s policy drive that year to encourage LGPS to collaborate more, creating pools of £25bn-£30bn. In the process they were expected to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve the LGPS’ capacity to invest in infrastructure.The LCIV provides the investment infrastructure and selects third-party managers to run the assets, negotiating hard on costs. It now offers 12 funds, including UK and global equity products and multi-asset funds. It has also agreed a special pricing deal with passive providers for its member funds.This work so far stands to save participating LGPS funds roughly £6m a year, according to the LCIV.The staff are overseen by two groups of representatives from the 32 founding pension funds: the Pensions Sectoral Joint Committee, made up of councillors from each of the 32 funds, and the Investment Advisory Committee, comprising 24 pension and finance officers from member funds.The LCIV is preparing to launch fixed income products, according to council documents, and staff are researching infrastructure opportunities and low-carbon funds. An ambitious project to pool pension assets for London’s 32 public sector funds will fail to achieve its objectives without a major overhaul of its governance structure, according to a damning report from consultancy Willis Towers Watson.The firm was brought in to conduct a review of the London CIV (LCIV), the authorised asset manager set up by London’s pension funds to pool their £34.5bn (€39bn) in assets and drive down costs.The subsequent report, circulated to London’s Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) last month, alleged that some briefings on the LCIV’s development had been based on political affiliations, despite the cross-party, non-political nature of the vehicle. Each LGPS fund is overseen by a board of local councillors.The LCIV late last year was forced to issue a statement denying that it had advised against investing in UK infrastructure in case of a change of government in the country.center_img Hugh Grover (centre) reflects on his time at the London CIVThe report reflects comments made by former CEO Grover at IPE’s annual conference in November. Speaking a few weeks after his departure, he said the vehicle was suffering from a lack of clarity around its purpose and vision.In particular, Grover highlighted the government’s desire to make pooling of assets mandatory – initially the LCIV was designed as an optional pooling vehicle.A poll of London pension fund staff and committee members – conducted as part of Willis Towers Watson’s review – showed that stakeholders did not agree that the London CIV or its oversight bodies had clear mandates or objectives.The verdict“Three years after its incorporation, LCIV finds itself in an invidious position. It is attempting to deliver on a complex and challenging task, under-resourced and underfunded, while juggling the competing interests of multiple stakeholders, not all of whom are fully engaged and who seem to be growing increasingly disgruntled.“Compounding pressure on it has been the recent departures of a number of key staff. In the absence of some circuit-breaking change it is not at all apparent that it will be able to deliver on the original intention of its 32 local authority shareholders to bring their collective [assets] under a common pooling vehicle…“The challenge facing LCIV and the 32 shareholders is very significant in delivering on its pooling objectives. The stakeholder mapping is complex, as is the operational context and regulatory environment, let alone the pension and investment challenge itself. Against this background, LCIV needs to be sufficiently resourced or it is surely set up to fail.”-       from Willis Towers Watson’s independent governance review of the LCIV, presented to local authorities in DecemberMajor changes requiredWillis Towers Watson urged the LCIV and its two oversight committees to overhaul their terms of reference and provide better clarity of purpose as “an absolute priority”.The consultancy said it had received mixed messages from different stakeholders regarding how they thought the LCIV would operate. Some believed it was set up as a fund manager, some as a procurement vehicle, and others as a fiduciary manager with responsibility for strategy as well as manager selection.While there was a collective will for the project to succeed, Willis Towers Watson reported, stakeholders had so far underestimated the compromises involved in ensuring that success.The LCIV should also instigate an independent review of costs and resources, the consultancy said.Currently, the LCIV is overseen by two committees (see box below). “We are actively taking on board the findings of our governance review and are developing recommendations”Mark Hyde Harrison, London CIV“A decision should be taken to balance representation and effective committee functioning,” Mitchell, Gillett and Faizallah wrote. “Either everyone is involved, which leads to inefficient committees, or a select few are involved, which leads to a loss of representation.”The report authors recommended fewer meetings of full committees, with more duties delegated to smaller sub-committees and working groups. These should be supported by a “well-resourced” secretariat function.Finally, the report emphasised the importance of cultivating trust between the various parties involved in the LCIV’s operations, including through better use of a “client portal” on the LCIV’s website.“To move forward effectively, LCIV and all stakeholders need to look for an opportunity to reset their relationship to facilitate better working relationships and engagement,” the authors wrote.In a statement, Mark Hyde Harrison, interim CEO of London CIV, said: “London CIV has achieved a great deal since it was established two and a half years ago and we continue to work hard alongside London boroughs to build on our success and respond to the challenges we are facing.“We are actively taking on board the findings of our governance review and are developing recommendations with our colleagues in the boroughs that we will put to London borough leaders in March.“London was a pioneer in establishing pooled arrangements and it makes sense to take stock now on how best to deliver the original vision for the CIV in the light of the wider changes that are happening in local authority pension fund management.”What is the London CIV?The London CIV has its roots in attempts to consolidate all of the UK capital’s public sector pension schemes into one entity. Hugh Grover led the drive to pool the assets of 33 (now 32) London borough pension schemes and was made CEO of the London CIV when it was incorporated in 2015.last_img read more

Renovation works on this Queenslander doubled as history lessons for owners

first_img2A Martin St, Freshwater is a classic Queenslander which has been recently renovated to restore the home to it’s original glory. It was also one the first houses to be built in the suburb and is now listed with Champions in Real Estate.THE owners of this classic Queenslander will certainly be holding back the tears when the home they fell in love with during a holiday eventually changes hands. Chenoa and Chris Daniel have called 2A Martin St, Freshwater, home for the past five years and two years ago expanded their family to include their first son, Nash, at the three-bedroom home. 2A Martin St, Freshwater is a classic Queenslander which has been recently renovated to restore the home to it’s original glory. It was also one the first houses to be built in the suburb and is now listed with Champions in Real Estate.They purchased the property as soon as it hit the market five years ago, but the Victorian couple had their eyes on it for much longer. “We were up here visiting some friends, just down the road many years ago,” Ms Daniel said. “Straight away we knew we wanted this house … it wasn’t even on the market then.” The hotel broker and her partner have always loved Queenslanders and after work lured her to the Far North, she was able to purchase a “home full of character”. “I’ve never been into newer standard homes … (I like) something that has a bit of a soul and some history.” Now the Daniel family are gearing up to move to the Sunshine Coast, after recently completing a number of renovations throughout the home. “We didn’t want to or need to do anything major, but we just wanted to fix up a few things to restore the house to its heritage look with some modern features. 2A Martin St, Freshwater is a classic Queenslander which has been recently renovated to restore the home to it’s original glory. It was also one the first houses to be built in the suburb and is now listed with Champions in Real Estate.More from newsCairns home ticks popular internet search terms2 days agoTen auction results from ‘active’ weekend in Cairns2 days ago“It’s been an amazing learning process as well because as we’ve done the renovations and put in wardrobes, we thought ‘where did people hang all their clothes back in the day’. “The two bathrooms are side-by-side and that’s because one of them was an ironing room. So people actually had a whole room for that.” The freshly painted house features a traditional floor plan with striking high ceilings, timber floors, and iconic casement windows. There are dual, open living areas and the main bathroom includes a freestanding claw-footed bathtub and separate shower. The fully fenced 614sq m property also features a wraparound veranda with views out to the nearby cane fields. This property is listed with Champions In Real Estate in the mid $400,000s.last_img read more

South Africans respond to Moyo’s ridicule of the Rand #SomeoneTellProfMoyo

first_imgSouth Africans dominate ATU African Championships Many South Africans, and even Zimbabweans in South Africa, expressed their disappointment and anger at Moyo. Related South Africans react to Pistorius trial https://twitter.com/LeleNtobo/status/636977699261689856https://twitter.com/Tumiq/status/636867563117543425 Jonathan Moyo, Zimbabwe’s minister of higher and tertiary education, has taken to social media to ridicule the South African rand, saying it was “falling like any other African currency”.Moyo’s posts on Twitter on Thursday came after the rand tumbled early this week. It was the greatest drop since 2011. The comments sparked a heated debate on Twitter. South Africans unite against Xenophobia attackslast_img

LIAT reinstates flights as Danny dissipates

first_img Share 64 Views   no discussions Tweet Share Sharing is caring!center_img BusinessLifestyleNewsRegionalTravel LIAT reinstates flights as Danny dissipates by: Caribbean Media Corporation – August 24, 2015 Share ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) – The regional airline, LIAT, has announced the reinstatement of flights that were cancelled as the region braced for inclement weather conditions steaming from what was then Hurricane Danny.The airline says flights from Barbados to Dominica and Antigua, flights to St Kitts, St. Maarten and Tortola for Monday, have all be reinstated.Passengers who are booked to travel on these services have been asked to check-in at least two hours before the scheduled departure time.On Saturday, the airline said it was forced to cancel flights from Sunday to Tuesday “due to the pending closure of several airports in the LIAT network”.The airline said as many as 39 flights had been cancelled, affecting travelers going to Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua , St Maarten, St Thomas, Tortola, Dominica, St Kitts-Nevis and other destinations.On Monday afternoon, Danny was downgraded to a trough of low depression.The National Hurricane Centre in Miami said the remnants of Danny ware expected to produce two to four inches of rain over the Leeward Islands, the US and British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic through Tuesday night.last_img read more

IOC initiates International Safeguarding Officer in Sport Certificate

first_imgAs part of its ongoing efforts to promote athletes’ safety and wellbeing, the Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has  approved the establishment of the International Safeguarding Officer in Sport Certificate. The course leading to certification is set to commence in September 2021. This is the first of its kind because there is currently no certificate or minimum standard of education or training for safeguarding officers in sport on an international level. The five-month education course will be developed by an International Advisory Board of experts, under three Programme Directors, and will be fully aligned with other international efforts to protect athletes and align sports policies and programmes with the United Nations 2030 Agenda. It will be hosted on sportsoracle. The course will include a final examination, which must be passed in order to receive the certification. Registration for this course which will be open to anyone, but aimed in particular at International Federations (IFs), National Federations (NFs) and National Olympic Committees (NOCs)  will incur a fee. Successful candidates proposed by the NOCs will be able to apply for Olympic Solidarity scholarships to enrol in this course. The safety and wellbeing of athletes are paramount to the IOC and the Olympic Movement. We need to make every effort to keep athletes safe and to guard their rights. I am pleased that we can today initiate this certificate to enhance awareness and education in this important area of athlete welfare, reinforcing the stance against all forms of harassment and abuse in sport, said IOC President Thomas Bach. In another effort, 11 additional webinars for NOCs will be available in four different languages from October 2020 onwards. This series intends to address cultural challenges faced by NOCs in developing and implementing athlete safeguarding initiatives, enhance their capacity in athlete safeguarding, facilitate the sharing of best practices and provide access to a group of experts who can offer further support. It builds on the success of a webinar series organised for IFs in 2019. Additionally, the IOC is planning a safe sport digital education and awareness campaign starting in the fourth quarter of 2020. This Athlete365 campaign will look to build global awareness around safe sport in the run-up to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The overarching principle of the safe sport digital education and awareness campaign is to safeguard athletes, protect the integrity of sport and promote sporting values, through: – Educating and empowering athletes with knowledge of what safe sport means. – Removing the stigma surrounding this topic and moving the conversation towards a positive message of support and solidarity. – Encouraging action by providing easily understood education, and awareness of reporting frameworks and procedures such as the IOC Games-Time Framework, during the Olympic and Youth Olympic Games. The IOC has been raising awareness of athlete safeguarding globally by encouraging every sports and sport-for-development organisation to tackle this issue and improve athlete protection. This new initiative further strengthens the IOC’s commitment to educating and making the Olympic Movement aware of the importance of safeguarding. read also:Over 160 rights groups call on IOC chief to revoke 2022 Beijing Winter Games As of Rio 2016, an IOC Safeguarding Officer has been present and available to all athletes competing at the Olympic and Youth Olympic Games. Through the work of its Prevention of Harassment and Abuse in Sport (PHAS) Working Group, the IOC has been striving to guide and assist the IFs and NOCs in developing their own policies to prevent harassment and abuse. In 2017, the IOC launched the “IOC Athlete Safeguarding Toolkit” in collaboration with over 50 stakeholders, including athletes, IFs, NOCs and subject-matter experts. Previously, in 2016, the “IOC Guidelines for IFs and NOCs related to creating and implementing a policy to safeguard athletes from harassment and abuse in sport” were released. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… center_img Promoted Content7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemThe Highest Paid Football Players In The World6 Unusual Facts About Bollywood, Pollywood And Tollywood6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The Universe6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually TrueTop 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All TimeWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Toplast_img read more

Ogba resigns membership from AFN Board

first_imgRelatedPosts Sports Ministry punctures AFN’s claim to autonomy $150,000 AFN scandal a scam — Ogba Minister sacks AFN Technical Director, recalls Secretary to Ministry A member Board of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria, Solomon Ogba, says he has resigned his membership from the board.Ogba, also Chairman, Delta State Athletics Association, made this known through his Media Adviser, Olukayode Thomas, on Monday in Lagos.The board member said that he chose to withdraw due to “undue interference” in the activities of the AFN.According to him, I am not comfortable with the dirty politicking that has taken over the AFN lately and that has informed my decision to quit the board.Ogba said he was not happy that the AFN Constitution and Rules have been relegated to the background.“Things are now being done without recourse to the law binding the federation.“As an elder statesman in Sports and Athletics, in particular, I cannot sit and continue to watch things being done wrongly.“Though, I have withdrawn from the AFN board, I will continue to give my support to the athletics in Delta and Nigeria as a whole.”Tags: afnSolomon Ogbalast_img read more

Harper relishing ‘special night’

first_img Press Association All the proceeds from the event will be divided between three charities close to the 38-year-old Hull keeper’s heart – the Great North Children’s Hospital, the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and the Newcastle United Foundation. Harper, who made his 199th and final appearance for Newcastle against Arsenal on the final day of last season, said: “This match is a massive honour for me. “I had a fantastic send-off against Arsenal at the end of last season, so this is really my opportunity to say thank you to a region which has given me so much support and to use my time to raise as much money as possible for three incredible causes. “To have some of the best players to have ever worn the black and white shirt back at St James’ Park alongside some of the greatest names from Milan is fantastic, and with every penny raised going to three important north-east charities, I hope as many people as possible can come along and enjoy it. “I’m sure it will be a special night.” Baresi, who will captain the Milan side said: “I would like to firstly congratulate Mr Steve Harper on his 20 years with Newcastle United. “I was very happy to hear of the possibility of AC Milan Glorie travelling and playing against a Newcastle United legends team at such a famous stadium. “I know the passion of Newcastle fans and I know of the club’s history and the love of football in the city, so I congratulate Steve and wish the fans and Newcastle United a magnificent occasion.” Steve Harper will celebrate his 20 years as a Newcastle player when a team of former Magpies superstars meets an AC Milan Legends side.center_img Alan Shearer, Les Ferdinand, Rob Lee and Faustino Asprilla will pull on the black and white stripes once again for a charity game at St James’ Park on Wednesday, September 11. They will be in good company too with the AC Milan Glorie squad featuring Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Costacurta and Andriy Shevchenko. last_img read more

Reds’ Anfield plans get go-ahead

first_img In phase two, the Anfield Road stand would be increased, with the project as a whole taking the capacity from around 45,000 to around 58,800. The resolution from members of Liverpool City Council’s Planning Committee to grant planning permission, subject to conditions and legal agreement, was unanimous. Construction work on the proposed Main Stand – during which matches will continue to be played at Anfield – is expected to begin early next year and be complete in time for the 2016-17 season. A statement on Liverpool’s official website on Tuesday read: “Liverpool FC’s proposed stadium expansion plans took another important step today. “Liverpool City Council’s Planning Committee resolved to grant planning permission for the expansion of the club’s Main Stand and for outline proposals to expand the Anfield Road Stand. “The redevelopment of the Main Stand could add an additional 8,500 seats, taking its capacity to nearly 21,000 and overall Anfield capacity to around 54,000. “The outline proposals for the Anfield Road Stand provide for an increase in its capacity of around 4,800 seats.” The statement also said: “Incorporating the iconic club crest into the proposed Main Stand’s exterior elevation, the scheme will also include a two-storey podium and a carefully designed area which will become the new home for the Hillsborough Memorial.” It emerged last week that the club’s proposals to expand their stadium had been recommended for approval by Liverpool council planners. A vote was taken on the scheme on Tuesday after elected members of the planning committee visited Anfield, with the Reds being given the green light to proceed with phase one of the project – the extension of the Main Stand. Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre said: “Today’s approval by the Planning Committee is another step on our journey which we embarked on nearly two years ago. “We received very positive support for our proposals during a public consultation exercise earlier this year and whilst we are delighted about the progress made today, there are still some steps that we need to navigate through in order to give us the certainty that we need to proceed with our expansion plans.” Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, said: “This is a very important milestone in our ambitions to transform the Anfield area, bringing new jobs, investment and housing. “The overall regeneration will see £260million invested in Anfield. Liverpool Football Club’s proposals for the stadium are a key part of this. The club is a major employer in the area and its stadium is a major draw for tourists and visitors.” Press Association Liverpool have won planning permission from the city’s council to start redeveloping Anfield.last_img read more