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Tim Allen Gives Life Advice In AARP MagazineTim Allen Gives Life Advice In AARP Magazine

first_imgTim Allen has shared some advice on how to be present in your own life in the latest issue of AARP The Magazine.“I suggest it to everybody to engage as much as you can in life,” he says in an exclusive interview in the magazine, on sale September 24. “Most human beings are disengaged all day, every day. You’re doing one thing but you’re thinking about your dry cleaning or ’I’ve got this on Friday.’ It takes energy. God knows I’m not the Dalai Llama, but if you’re not careful and don’t find your center point, you end up sorta drifting through life sideways.“Yesterday I was swimming with my 3 year-old, and I looked up and thought, ‘How wonderful this world is.’ We’re always searching for something, but it’s going to be all right. Stop fretting so much.”Allen also touches on his sobriety, losing his father at a young age, and other personal struggles from which his accessible brand of comedy was born.“My wife and I have befriended couples in their 70s, 80s and 90s, and they’re so clear about who they are. They teach us humility and gentleness. Maybe their bodies don’t work the way they once did, but they’re right there. That’s how I want to be as I get older.“You don’t want the end to come and say, ‘I wished I’d loved more, I wish I smelled more roses.’ You have to do that now.”last_img read more

Ontario to cap minimum wage at 14 an hour as part ofOntario to cap minimum wage at 14 an hour as part of

first_imgTORONTO – Ontario will cap minimum wage at $14 an hour until fall 2020 as part of a rollback of labour reforms introduced by the previous Liberal regime, the Progressive Conservative government announced Tuesday, drawing praise from businesses and criticism from unions and anti-poverty advocates.The government said new rules — which will link future minimum-wage increases to the inflation rate and reduce the number of personal leave days — will help cut red tape and encourage business investment.“The previous government brought in a tsunami of new burdens and regulations that have imposed significant unnecessary costs on businesses and stifled economic growth,” said Economic Development Minister Jim Wilson as the government detailed its proposed labour legislation.Ontario’s minimum wage increased from $11.60 to $14 an hour on Jan. 1, and was set to rise to $15 an hour next year as a result of the Liberals’ labour laws. Under the government’s new legislation, it will remain at $14 until October 2020.Labour Minister Laurie Scott said the government will be using an “economically sound metric” to decide the rate of future increases.“Ontario workers and businesses deserve a minimum wage determined by economics not politics,” she said.The government’s labour bill, if passed, will also cut two paid personal leave days for workers, bringing their total to eight — three for personal illness, two for bereavement leave and three for family responsibilities.The legislation keeps provisions brought in by the Liberals that granted workers up to 10 days of leave if they or their child experiences domestic or sexual violence. It will also maintain regulations that grant Ontario workers three weeks of paid vacation after five years of service.But a number of scheduling provisions will be scrapped under the Tory bill, including a minimum of three hours pay in the event a shift is cancelled 48 hours or less before it was scheduled to begin.“We will reverse the needless scheduling restrictions and give back employers the flexibility to have the right staff at the right time,” Scott said.The government’s moves on the labour file were applauded by some in the business community who had argued against the minimum wage increase and labour reforms when they were brought in last year.Jocelyn Bamford, of the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers, said the wage hike was “too much too soon.”“This legislation will go a long way to maintaining the viability of small and medium businesses in the province and will help us save jobs,” she said.Others, however, said the government was undoing measures that had made life easier for families and vowed to push back.“We’ve known for a long time that Doug Ford is no friend of workers,” said Ontario Federation of Labour President Chris Buckley. “With today’s announcement he’s proven exactly that.”Pam Frache, of the advocacy group Fight for $15 and Fairness, said by rolling back Liberal labour reforms, Ford was breaking a campaign pledge to stick up for regular Ontario residents.“What Mr. Ford has announced today is not a government that is for the people but a government for the corporate elite,” she said.NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said she was skeptical about whether the Ford government will actually follow through the pledge to increase the minimum wage in 2020.“We’ll have to wait,” she said. “What we know for sure is that Ontario workers are being dragged backwards so Mr. Ford can hand out the goodies to his friends in the business community.”last_img read more

The Moroccan Competition Council Slams the Rise in Milk PricesThe Moroccan Competition Council Slams the Rise in Milk Prices

Fez –The Moroccan Competition Council argued that some sources suggest that milk manufacturers have colluded to artificial raise prices.In August 2013, Central Laitière, a market leader in the dairy industry, raised their milk prices. Other operators followed suit. The milk manufacturers used high costs of production to justify the increase.The Moroccan Competition Council issued a report on Friday about this controversial price change. The report says that all operators justify the increase in milk prices by higher cost of its production. “But the analysis showed that the direct link between these two elements does not exist, to the extent that the prices of inputs have not increased in 2013, contrary to what happened in previous years.”The report goes on to clarify: “By contrast, we find out that the higher prices of pasteurized milk coincided with the increase in import prices of milk powder, which does not fit in the production of pasteurized milk but in the derivatives milk.”The Moroccan Council of Competition stressed that there are indices that suggest collusion among the milk operators to artificially raise prices. The Council goes so far to add that if this were true, the milk operators would have violated the Competition Law.Among these indicators is the speed of COPAG’s and SAFILAIT’s (the second and third largest operators) alignment with the new price of Central Laitière.The second index, according to the Council, is the fact that all the operators used the same justification for price increases of milk.Edited by Timothy Filla. Photo courtesy of le360 © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

Hamilton man charged with impaired driving in Port DoverHamilton man charged with impaired driving in Port Dover

A Hamilton man has been charged with impaired driving after being pulled over by police in Port Dover. A concerned citizen called police to report a pickup truck driving aggressively around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. The vehicle was seen travelling into Jarvis and eventually into Hagersville where it was pulled over by officers. “While speaking with the male driver, police detected signs of impairment by alcohol and the driver was subsequently arrested,” said OPP in a news release.A 27-year-old Hamilton man was arrested and charged with impaired driving and refusing to provide a breath sample.He is scheduled to appear in a Cayuga court at a later date.

Security Council authorizes 6month extension of NATO force in BosniaSecurity Council authorizes 6month extension of NATO force in Bosnia

In unanimously adopting resolution 1551, the Council welcomed NATO’s decision, as well as the European Union’s intention to launch a follow-on mission there, including a military component, starting in December.The Council decided that the status of forces agreements in the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina should apply provisionally to the proposed European Union mission and its forces, including from the point of build-up in the country, in anticipation of the concurrence of the parties to those agreements to that effect.In a related provision, the Council authorized Member States to take all necessary measures, at the request of SFOR, either in defence of SFOR or to assist the force in carrying out its mission, and recognized the right of the force to take all necessary measures to defend itself from attack or threat of attack.In that connection, the Council expressed its intention to consider the terms of further authorization as necessary in light of developments in implementation of the Peace Agreement and the situation in that country. read more

Dog struck down with fainting goat syndrome as vets and owner flummoxedDog struck down with fainting goat syndrome as vets and owner flummoxed

The couple adopted him from a family that couldn’t keep him anymore.She explained: “We were aware that it happened, we adopted him from a family who were perfectly honest with us about his condition.”But I fell in love with him straight away. ” Peter is perfectly happyCredit:Michael Scott / Caters News There are a few things that trigger Peter’s ‘episodes’ such as walking over a change of surface, chasing birds, rain, jumping off rocks or from heights, and stairs. Anyone who owns a bouncy cocker spaniel knows their propensity to get overexcited. However, one young hound has flummoxed vets with his reaction to a particularly stimulating walk.Peter the one-year-old spaniel, from Sheffield, has what is thought to be a rare neurological condition, that his owners have called ‘fainting goat syndrome’ as he faints stiff when he sees a duck or enjoys his walk too much.Vets have no idea why Peter falls over whenever he gets excited but they assure owners Emma Clayton, 26, and Oliver Broomhead, 30, that the hound is perfectly happy and healthy.Ms Clayton, a pharmacy assistant, said she “panicked” the first time it happened. She added: “When he gets excited or scared, sometimes for no reason at all, he just freezes up and topples over.”As far as we know he is not in any pain – he is conscious when it happens, his eyes are open, he can follow me with his eyes, he just can’t move his body.”It depends on how overwhelmed he is, I guess – sometimes his body will freeze for almost 30 seconds.” Peter is perfectly happy Ms Clayton added: “People’s reaction is mixed – some people are horrified, I think they believe he is having a seizure, being in imminent danger but a lot of people just laugh because we do, too.”We are so used to it now. We think it’s slightly comical, so when they see us react they know it’s OK – we do have to explain it quite a lot but once we do everyone just wants to love him. ” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

ALROSA Udachny mine commissioned with capacity to be reached by 2019ALROSA Udachny mine commissioned with capacity to be reached by 2019

first_imgALROSA Group has now commissioned its Udachny underground mine which is now on the way to reaching its design capacity of 4 Mt/y of ore. This rate of mining will make Udachny the largest underground diamond mine in Russia and one of the largest worldwide. The underground mine is expected to reach its design capacity in 2019.In the second half of 2014 diamond mining at Udachny will be ancillary to the orebody development. Commercial production is to start in 2015 to reach 2.4-3.0 Mt/y of ore by 2016 and 4 Mt/y by 2019. The underground project is to mine about 72.3 Mt of ore by 2034. The additional prospective resources are estimated at 72.8 Mt of ore. Once the design capacity is reached, Udachny underground mine will be able to provide over 5 Mct of diamonds per year.Open-pit mining at the Udachnaya kimberlite pipe, one of ALROSA’s largest deposits discovered in 1955, started in 1971. Rough diamonds mined at Udachnaya throughout its operation totaled some $80 billion. Open-pit mining at Udachnaya pipe is expected to be fully completed in 2015, and until then underground mining and operations in the open-pit mine will be parallel.Udachny is the forth in succession and the largest underground mine operated by ALROSA. Today ALROSA operates the International and Aikhal underground mines with the design capacity of 500,000 t/y and the Mir underground mine with the design capacity to reach 1 Mt/y of ore. “An ambitious program for the construction of underground mines is an integral part of ALROSA’s development strategy aiming to keep its world’s leading position in terms of rough diamond mining and ensure the diamond mining growth up to over 40 Mct. The launch of the Udachny underground mine will allow the company to maintain stable volumes of diamond production in Western Yakutia for many years,’ Fedor Andreev, ALROSA’s CEO, said at the official start-up ceremony.last_img read more

ABB Dodge CST drive systems at Titania mineABB Dodge CST drive systems at Titania mine

first_imgEurope’s first Dodge® controlled start transmission (CST) drive system is installed on a 700 m conveyor at a mine in Norway, providing the reliability required to overcome lost production from breakdowns. The Titania A/S mine located in Sokndal, Norway is the world’s largest open cast ilmenite mine, producing nearly 850,000 t/y per year of TiO2, the widely traded powder used in the whitening of products from paint to toothpaste.The mine’s maintenance team was struggling with repeated breakdowns of the conveyor’s existing mechanical drive system, costing the mine up to 1 million Norwegian Kroner ($120,000) in lost production each time. Breakdowns peaked during the harsh winter of 2010 to 2011. “The capacity was not good enough, and the reliability was not good enough,” says Knut Petter Netland, Titania’s Mine Manager. “Several times a year we had a breakdown and the repair time was too long. We had to close the milling operation before we could start the mining operation again. It was an unacceptable situation.”Titania turned to original equipment manufacturer Kellve Sweden AB for help. After dismissing an electrical option due to cost, the Kellve team suggested a mechanical solution, ABB’s Dodge controlled start transmission (CST) drive system. The CST is a 2 in 1 gearbox that combines a planetary gear reducer with an integral wet clutch system. When coupled to an AC induction motor, the CST converts the motors high-speed, low-torque input to a low-speed, high-torque output, delivering smooth control and enough power to drive the largest and longest conveyors.Although there are over 3,000 CST installations around the world, this was Europe’s first. Bent Haaland, Titania’s Project Leader contacted two mines in the USA to gauge their experiences. “The feedback we got from them was very positive,” says Haaland. “They didn’t have any incidents or plant stops. So they really reassured us with claims of 98% availability and extremely low overall maintenance costs.”Installed in August of 2014, the CSTs have delivered the reliability that the Titania mining team was looking for. While it may have been a leap of faith choosing technology they hadn’t heard of before, in the end, they all agree it was the right decision. “While it’s not always a good thing to be Europe’s first, when it is backed by a well-known name like ABB, you know you can trust them,” says Netland. “And so far that trust has paid off. The reliability has been good.” Those sentiments have been echoed by Titania’s deputy leader for mine maintenance, Stig Olsen. “For me it’s big, it’s strong, it seems to run and run and run,” says Olsen. “The solution is robust, it’s reliable and it brings lower maintenance.”last_img read more

6 talking points from the St Stephens Day Premier League action6 talking points from the St Stephens Day Premier League action

first_img6. ‘Boring’ Chelsea a worry for the rest of the leagueChelsea don’t currently look like a team still in the Champions League and just two points off the league leaders,  having beaten Swansea 1-0 earlier.Each positive result they secure, however, seems to be punctuated by a ‘but…’For example, Jose Mourinho was last week forced to defend his side against the accusation that they were boring, even after they had achieved a relatively encouraging point at the Emirates.And while the football they play may not always be pretty, there are few better managers than Mourinho capable of setting up a side likely to grind out a result.Moreover, Chelsea were also accused of being ‘boring’ during Mourinho’s previous tenure in charge, which was the most successful era in their history. So perhaps they should, in fact, take these quips as compliments.Like football? Follow’s dedicated Twitter account @football_ie>Ex-Liverpool player Harrison, once world’s most expensive teenager, dies at 46>Chelsea scrape past Swans thanks to Hazard winner> Updated at 23.341. Referees need to be braverFor the umpteenth time this season, players on both sides in the Man City-Liverpool game tugged each other’s jerseys ad nauseam while waiting for corners to be played into the box.Referees’ willful ignorance of these infringements is inexplicable and lowers the credibility of the game in fans’ eyes.Moreover, when or if an official does eventually penalise a player for engaging in this risky practice, the culprits will rightfully complain of a lack of consistency.Few people want jersey-tugging to become as endemic as it seems, for instance, in Italian football, so the referees’ association need to address their officials’ ineptitude in this regard and start punishing them if they continue to neglect their duties.2. United benefit from Rafael misfortuneWhat looked a moment of misfortune for United today actually benefited them considerably.The visitors’ predicament at the KC Stadium appeared to be getting even worse when, as they found themselves 2-0 down to Hull, Rafael was forced to leave the field injured.Yet this ostensible setback allowed United to revert to a more attacking style, with Antonio Valencia switching to full back and Adnan Januzaj being introduced into the action.The youngster had a near-immediate impact, winning the free kick that led to Chris Smalling’s goal and generally having a positive impact on the game.It was evidence perhaps of both Januzaj’s and David Moyes’ growing experience at United, with the Scot’s bold move at this difficult stage in the game ultimately paying off handsomely.3. New look but same problems for Tottenham(Tottenham Hotspur’s Emmanuel Adebayor looks up during their English Premier League soccer match against West Bromwich Albion – Bogdan Maran/AP/Press Association Images)Not for the first time this season, Tottenham looked anything but a potential Champions League side this afternoon.New manager Tim Sherwood picked an attacking 4-4-2 formation, just as he had in their recent 3-2 victory over Southampton.Yet this time, the move didn’t exactly pay off.Under AVB, Spurs’ chief problem was their difficulty in breaking teams down, and this issue arose again today, as they laboured to a 1-1 draw with West Brom at White Hart Lane.Consequently, it is no big surprise that their away record is superior to their home form — weaker teams are more willing to shut up shop in the latter instances, and Tottenham often have no answer to such pragmatism.4. Everton’s home record destroyed from the unlikeliest of sourcesUntil today, Everton had gone unbeaten at home in the league for the duration of 2013.The loss of this prestigious accolade so close to the final hurdle will be even more difficult to take considering that it came against bottom-placed Sunderland, who now have four wins against top-six sides this season.Yet the 1-0 result only tells half the story.The Toffees were substantially disadvantaged by the loss of their goalkeeper, Tim Howard, after he was sent off early in the game.And even playing against 10 men, Sunderland were fortunate to come away with a win, as goalkeeper Vito Mannone produced an exceptional performance.Therefore, for Sunderland, the victory is further confirmation that they have the ability to hold their own in the league, while Everton at least can console themselves amid the realisation that fortune eluded them this afternoon.5. Cazorla inspires Arsenal fightback While Theo Walcott and Lukas Podolski got the goals that earned Arsenal a hard-fought 3-1 victory over West Ham today, there is arguably one other player who did more than anyone else to win them the three points.Santi Cazorla, perhaps peeved at being left on the bench for their recent encounter with Chelsea, produced the type of vintage performance that has long been his trademark.As they do with so many of their opponents, the Gunners passed West Ham into submission, until the Hammers were barely able to run and could hardly help but concede three late goals in the space of 11 minutes.Cazorla typified his side’s class and ran the game, allowing others to grab the headlines in the process. Consequently, maybe Arsene Wenger will think twice the next time he contemplates leaving out the Spaniard for a big game.last_img read more

The characteristics of the Parental Sex TalkThe characteristics of the Parental Sex Talk

first_imgSo… have you… do you… have you… experienced… this? Do you and mam use condoms? THERE IS NO doubt that one of the hardest parts of modern parenting is ‘the talk’.  It is also one of the hardest parts of being a modern child.No one wants ‘the talk’ to happen, and yet, it has to, unless you want to risk the consequences.  And let’s face it, risking the consequences is not a great idea.Whether you’re the talker, or the talkee, the entire exchange is horribly uncomfortable.  Here are the characteristics of a parental sex talk.Fear Source: ImgurThis will begin long before the talk commences. In fact it may even begin before the talkee is born.Mild panicUpon realising what exactly is happening, the talkee will begin to panic.  They will look around the room, taking in the exits, and frantically trying to come up with a reason to leave.Awkwardness Source: ShutterstockThe entire exchange will be shrouded with awkwardness.  The talker will probably attempt to make the odd joke, to try and relax the situation, alas, this is one conversation during which jokes only serve to make the whole thing more awkward.Everyone within hearing distance of this conversation will feel awkward, and that awkwardness will stay with them for days, if not months and years.Unfamiliar languageThis will probably be the first time certain words are uttered by the parties involved in ‘the talk’, and some of the terminology may actually require explanation.Painful, painful explanation.ParaphernaliaNo terrified parent is going into this situation alone, oh no, they need learning tools.  It may be a book from 1972 that was given to them by their parent, or a bunch of bananas and a box of condoms (that actually happened to a member of the team).One thing’s for sure, the talkee will have a souvenir of this precious moment.Denial Source: FlickrThe talkee will almost certainly try to convince the talker that the talk is not at all necessary.Seriously Mam, you don’t have to do this. No, really, you don’t. SERIOUSLY.The talker will try to convince themselves that the talk is not at all necessary and that they’re only doing it just in case the day eventually comes that the talkee requires the information.Eye rollingLots and lots of eye rolling.  It’s likely that the person giving the talk has never felt as uncool as they do in this scenario.Uncomfortable questionscenter_img Do you think you need to go on the pill?This app stops your family bothering you on Facebook>These sexy lyrics from the new Beyoncé album are going to MORTIFY Blue Ivy>last_img read more

What computers see through their 3 billion artificial eyesWhat computers see through their 3 billion artificial eyes

first_imgRemember that part in Terminator When you were looking through Ahnold’s eyes, as if you were inside the T-800? That movie was made a long time ago, but that scene might have been more prescient then its creators could have known. It might not come to a shock to you, but computers don’t see like you or I do. They are programmed to recognize something, like movement or a change in brightness, and then, if the programmers wants, they are given parameters by which they can visualize what they “see”. This information is on the computer, but it’s for the benefit of the user — it lets us know what the computer is and is not picking up. The video above is a wonderful, haunting look at how something we’ve designed can make the world we recognize seem so foreign and complex. The Robot Readable World walks through the recording systems of a number of computers, robots, and surveillance systems. Its name is quite accurate as it’s an account of how robots (essentially computers) read what we program and outfit them to be able to read. Whether that’s the density of traffic on a highway, moving objects in a parking lot, the route of a self-driving car, or any number of other things, it’s an amazing look at how robots record data about their surroundings, process that data, and then visualize it so that humans can have a better understanding of the huge amount of numbers they are crunching. That last part really is the key here: the video shows us what the robots see, but these displays are for our own benefit. The computers are more than happy with the 1s and 0s behind the graphics, these representations of the data are simply for the benefit of our clumsy, mammalian brains. The video was made as a response to this article, which is well worth reading, and was assembled using different clips available on YouTube. Some of the devices featured in the video include a vehicle tracking system, a parking lot camera, an IriSyS thermal imaging camera, a demo of iOnRoad, and a few different eye and face tracking programs. Vimeo via Boing Boing[Note: The “3 billions artificial eyes” is a reference to Kevin Kelly’s excellent What Technology Wants, which the Robot-Readable World post quotes.]last_img read more

Free Mobile va résoudre le problème lié aux coupures dappelsFree Mobile va résoudre le problème lié aux coupures dappels

first_imgFree Mobile va résoudre le problème lié aux coupures d’appelsFree Mobile s’occupe du problème lié aux coupures d’appels, un phénomène observé particulièrement à Paris et à Lyon lorsque le réseau semble en surcapacité, aux heures de pointe.Free Mobile compte régler le problème lié aux coupures d’appels, intervenant notamment en début de soirée, entre 18h et 20h. L’opérateur compte augmenter ses capacités pour faire face à ce problème lié, vraisemblablement, à la surcharge du réseau.PC Inpact expliquait sur son site : “le réseau a tendance à rejeter d’office l’appel ; il faut alors s’y prendre à de nombreuses reprises avant que la communication passe”. C’est d’ailleurs une gêne qui a été constatée à Paris ou à Lyon plus qu’ailleurs. Un problème qui fait penser aux débuts de Bouygues Telecom. À lire aussiL’étonnant système de communication des bélugas décryptéEn effet, au vu des soucis rencontrés et signalés par de nombreux usagers, l’investissement réalisé par Free Mobile semble donc insuffisant pour l’heure. Mais l’opérateur ne nie nullement l’existence de cette perturbation, à laquelle il semble vouloir remédier au plus vite en renforçant ses capacités. Cependant aucune raison officielle n’est clairement évoquée. Freenews mentionne simplement “un nombre d’abonnés Free Mobile qu’on imagine toujours en augmentation”.Le 18 mars 2012 à 13:30 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Missing Oregon hunter found deadMissing Oregon hunter found dead

first_imgSTAYTON, Ore. (AP) — A Marion County sheriff’s spokesman says a missing hunter has been found dead outside of Stayton, Oregon.Searchers had been looking for 37-year-old Corey Fred.The cause of death is under investigation.The sheriff’s office says Fred sent a text early Saturday morning saying he was going hunting on his property, which is next to forest land.Sgt. Don Parise says Fred’s relatives have been notified.last_img

Estefans open new restaurant in Design DistrictEstefans open new restaurant in Design District

first_img(WSVN) – The first family of Miami, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, are singing a happy tune. That’s because the couple has a new restaurant in the Design District.Gloria and Emilio opened up Estefan Kitchen, a new fine dining Cuban restaurant.With an inside and outside bar, and menu items that feature both traditional recipes and some for the health conscious — there is something for everyone.Gloria Estefan: “If people have been to our other places — Lario’s on the Beach, Estefan Kitchen Express and Bongos in Orlando — then they know Cuban food has been our fare but the executive chef is taking it to a new level.”Gloria and Emilio wanted to make sure Estefan Kitchen had a Miami flair — so the menu features lots of seafood.FOR MORE INFO:1961 Miad Cir, Miami, FL 33126Phone: (786) 843-3896 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Time to think about the best watch for back to schoolTime to think about the best watch for back to school

first_img Sarah Tew/CNET Apple Watch Series 4 reading • Time to think about the best watch for back to school Apple revamped the whole feel of its watch a year ago, adding a larger screen and some extras like ECG to spot-check your heart rhythm, or fall detection. You could also just get the older Series 3 and still have GPS, music, on-wrist Apple Pay and speakerphone functions. Apple Watch is absolutely the best way to stay connected on your wrist, and it’s a fun fitness companion. But its limited battery life and higher price, and need for an iPhone to use, might not fit everyone. (And again, you should wait to see what Apple announces in September!)A note on pricing: For the Series 4, don’t pay more than $350 for the 40mm version, or $380 for the 44mm (with standard bands and no cellular). That’s $50 off the Apple Store price, and the general “street price” for these models. For the Series 3, you want to get the 38mm for $200 or less, the 42mm for $230 or less — that’s $80 off list price. See at Amazon 1 Fitbit Versa Lite Read about the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Comment Aug 30 • Hate subscription software? Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements are on sale for $60 each Read about Fitbit’s latest trackers Read the Amazfit Bip review Aug 29 • Best college laptops for 2019 If you’re a serious runner who wants something with longer battery life for GPS, Garmin’s smartwatch might be for you. It lasts about 13 hours on standalone GPS, or a week for everyday on-wrist use. A step-up model offers music, if you think you’d want that. Aug 29 • Our favorite back-to-school picks for 2019 Fitbit’s attempt at a smartwatch works best as a casual way to track stats and load a variety of crazy watch faces. It can be worn while swimming (but only the step-up regular Versa can do swim tracking), has a longer battery life (lasting four days) so it can track sleep, gets phone notifications, and tracks heart rate, but it doesn’t have GPS (you can use your phone’s GPS to track runs, though). Still, for everyday fitness, it’s an excellent budget choice at around $160. But again, you can also wait to see if any price drops or updates come in the fall. Amazfit Bip Read the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active review Josh Miller/CNET See at Amazon Wearable Tech Angela Lang/CNET Fitbit Fitness Apple Share your voice See at Amazon Aug 29 • Save up to $500 on Microsoft Surface laptops and tablets Samsung may also have a new watch soon, so let’s see what happens. But the version that arrived in the spring is a great, affordable, full-featured $200 watch that can do almost anything, and pairs well with Android phones. Samsung’s fitness tracking features are also a lot better than you might think. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Apple Watch Series 4. Angela Lang/CNET School is closer than you think, and odds are, you’ll be running around a lot once you’re back. Something useful on your wrist could help, as long as you know what you want to use it for. Smartwatches and fitness trackers can be fantastic companions for a busy campus life, from the obviously popular Apple Watch to social fitness companions like Fitbit. Whether you value staying connected to your phone, high-performance fitness tracking, or a little helpful motivation on a budget, here are some solid picks.These all come with one giant caveat, however: Students may wish to ask for an IOU for now. That’s because Apple is expected to release its newest watches in the fall — and other brands may well follow. That said, if you need something now, here are our top picks.Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.   See at Amazon Back-to-School Tech Gift Guide Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. Garmin Vivoactive 3 The Bip is affordable, and its battery life and always-on screen are great. It’s almost like a modern version of a Casio watch. The phone app feels a little off-brand compared to Samsung, Fitbit, Google and Apple’s apps, but it’s fine. The best part of Bip is how long the battery life is (weeks), and how it can be worn anywhere, even swimming. The Bip can do some basic fitness tracking, but it’s great as a casual watch that can also get phone notifications. And it’s usually $80 or less.Read: Apple Watch vs. Amazfit Bip See All • See at Amazon Sarah Tew/CNET Tags Andrew Hoyle/CNET Read the Apple Watch Series 4 reviewlast_img read more

Man killed in clash over land disputeMan killed in clash over land dispute

first_imgA man was killed in a clash over land dispute in Dakhshin Fukra village of Kashiani upazila of Gopalganj on Monday, says UNB.The deceased is Hingul Sarder, 45, son of Irful Sardar of the village.Md Azizur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Kashiani police station, said that there had been a long-standing dispute between two villagers Harun-or-Rashid Mollah and Saiful Sikder over ownership of a piece of land.Following the dispute, the two groups locked into a fierce clash in the morning that left 31 villagers including Hingul injured.He was first taken to Gopalganj Sadar Hospital and then to Khulna Medical College Hospital.As his condition deteriorated, the victim was referred to Dhaka Medical College Hospital, but he died on the way in the evening, police said.Meanwhile, police detained 12 villagers in this connection.last_img read more

Mexico bids farewell to García MárquezMexico bids farewell to García Márquez

first_imgMEXICO CITY – Mexico bid farewell Monday to its beloved adopted son, Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez, in a national tribute filled with the late Nobel winner’s favorite roses and music.A coffee-colored urn containing his ashes was placed on a podium, surrounded by yellow roses, in Mexico City’s domed Fine Arts Palace as a string quartet played classical music.Dozens of guests applauded when his widow, Mercedes Barcha, and other relatives dressed in black arrived at the ornate cultural center, where Mexico pays tribute to its late artistic icons.Hundreds of people lined up outside the palace to pay their last respects to the author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”Known affectionately as “Gabo,” García Márquez died Thursday in the Mexico City house where he lived for decades with his wife and two sons. He was 87.Visiting Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was to deliver remarks later with Mexican leader Enrique Peña Nieto.“I want to thank him for the pleasure he gave me in reading books,” said Joseline López, a 21-year-old Venezuelan medical student who queued outside the palace.“‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ will survive 100 more years in our hearts,” she said, clutching three yellow roses.García Márquez first moved to Mexico in 1961 and it was there that the veteran journalist wrote his seminal novel, a family and historical saga that was published in 1967.He was a leading exponent of “magical realism,” a style of story-telling that blends fantasy and realistic elements.The cause of his death has not been disclosed but he died a week after a bout of pneumonia. Relatives of Gabriel García Márquez stand next to the urn containing his ashes, during a tribute to him at the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City on April 21, 2014. Ronaldo Schemidt/AFPHe ‘loved’ Mexico The palace was bedecked with his favorite flower, the yellow rose that he so often wore on his lapel for good luck.Many mourners wore the rose as violins played Haydn and Handel. A large portrait of García Márquez hung on a wall.“He loved this country. He was very grateful and felt as Mexican as any other person,” Jaime Abello, director of the Ibero-American New Journalism Foundation founded by García Márquez, told MVS Radio.His biographer, British writer Gerald Martin, said he understood the secular nature of the ceremony because García Márquez was not a religious man.“But he was a man who respected other people’s beliefs, like his mother. Almost his entire family was very Catholic,” Martin told Colombia’s Caracol radio.“He joked that he didn’t believe in God but feared him a lot,” said the author of “Gabriel García Márquez: A Life.”His native Colombia will hold its own ceremony at Bogotá’s cathedral on Tuesday for the man Santos hailed as “the greatest Colombian of all time.”Then on Wednesday, to mark World Book Day, Colombians will have readings of García Márquez’s novel “No One Writes to the Colonel” in more than 1,000 libraries, parks and universities.The family has not said where the author’s final resting place will be, but Colombia hopes that the family will divide García Márquez’s ashes between his homeland and Mexico.His wife Barcha “says that it is a very difficult decision that will be taken in due time,” said Rafael Tovar, president of Mexico’s National Culture and Arts Council. Facebook Comments Related posts:Nobel writer Gabriel García Márquez hospitalized in Mexico Legendary novelist Gabriel García Márquez leaves hospital, in ‘delicate’ condition The great and magical Gabo Texas university acquires Gabriel García Márquez’s personal archivelast_img read more

Turkey PM warns Cyprus on dangerous energy moves UpdateTurkey PM warns Cyprus on dangerous energy moves Update

first_imgTurkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim on Thursday warned Cyprus its moves to explore for energy around the eastern Mediterranean were “untimely and dangerous”, adding that Ankara would continue to protect the rights and interests of Turkish Cypriots.Ankara has said it will take measures against Cyprus for engaging in gas and oil exploration around the divided island, arguing it has no jurisdiction to explore for hydrocarbons.“Turkey thinks there is an opportunity for cooperation on energy resources in the eastern Mediterranean but the unilateral steps by the Greek Cypriot side are untimely, dangerous and encourage a deadlock,” Yildirim said.The tensions over energy exploration flared up after talks to reunify the island collapsed on July 7, marking the end of a process seen as the most promising in generations to heal the conflict.“Steps to end the unjust, baseless restrictions imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people must be taken without delay,” Yildirim said.He was speaking at a ceremony in Nicosia to mark the 43rd anniversary of what Turkey calls the “Cyprus Peace Operation” of July 20, 1974, when Turkish troops invaded the north of the island in response to a brief Greek-inspired coup.Air raid sirens wailed over the south of Cyprus at dawn on Thursday, marking the hour Turkish forces landed.Turkey last week sent two ships and a submarine to monitor the “West Capella” drilling vessel, which was contracted by France’s Total and Italy Eni, moved into position in the eastern Mediterranean to start exploring for gas.The Turkish military said on Wednesday its vessels’ monitoring activities in the region were continuing.You May LikeSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Will Take Your Breath Away. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Miss Michigan Teen USA joins McBroom Casperson at CapitolMiss Michigan Teen USA joins McBroom Casperson at Capitol

first_img14Nov Miss Michigan Teen USA joins McBroom, Casperson at Capitol Iris Robare, 16, learns what it’s like to be ‘Rep. for a Day’Rep. Ed McBroom welcomes Miss Michigan Teen USA Iris Robare to the House floor during Tuesday’s legislative session.Gladstone resident Iris Robare recently learned what it’s like to be “Rep. for a Day” at the Michigan Capitol as the guest of Rep. Ed McBroom and Sen. Tom Casperson.The winner of the 2014 Miss Michigan Teen USA pageant, Robare attended House Natural Resources Committee and Senate Transportation Committee hearings and sat with McBroom and Casperson during Tuesday’s legislative sessions in the House and Senate chambers.“It was really inspiring to be here,” Robare said. “I think it’s really important for young people to get involved in government, so to see everything firsthand was incredible. I’m excited to bring these issues home and share this wonderful experience with my classmates.”A junior at Gladstone High School, Robare is involved in cross country, track and Youth in Government, where the 16-year-old is running for state governor for next year.Miss Michigan Teen USA Iris Robare joins Sen. Tom Casperson in the Senate chambers.“Iris is a motivated young lady with a lot of potential for her future, and I hope she learned a lot about state government while she was in Lansing,” said McBroom, R-Vulcan. “With her talent and dedication, I am confident she will do amazing things to serve our communities, maybe even as a state representative or senator someday.”Casperson echoed the sentiment.“It was an honor to have Iris here representing the U.P.,” said Casperson, R-Escanaba. “I’m sure she knows we’re in her corner for the Miss Teen USA pageant next summer.”As Miss Michigan Teen USA, Robare’s platform is “Mental Health Issues in Teens.” She hopes to be involved in government someday, as either a teacher or lobbyist focusing on mental health policies.### Categories: Newslast_img read more

Rep OBrien invites local leaders to 911 ceremony at state CapitolRep OBrien invites local leaders to 911 ceremony at state Capitol

first_img11Sep Rep. O’Brien invites local leaders to 9/11 ceremony at state Capitol State Rep. Margaret O’Brien was honored to welcome Jim Williams (left), Fire Marshal for the Kalamazoo City Department of Public Safety,  and Cpt. Todd Kowalski, Fire Marshal for the Kalamazoo Township Fire Department, to a special ceremony at the Michigan Capitol today honoring the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and recognizing Michigan first responders who lost their lives in the past year.“I am very humbled to take part in a ceremony to honor those who lost their lives 13 years ago on September 11, and to pay tribute to the brave men and women from our own communities who died in the line of duty in the past year,” said O’Brien, R-Portage. “Michigan’s first responders willingly take great risks to ensure the safety and well-being of all of us, and they deserve our utmost gratitude and respect.” Categories: Newslast_img read more