Austin will face Costa Rica – Schafer

first_imgNational senior men’s football team head coach, Winfried Schafer, says Reggae Boyz captain, Rodolph Austin, whose name was not in the 23-man squad released by the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) on Sunday, will be part of the team to face Costa Rica in back-to-back World Cup qualifiers on March 25 and 29. The German told The Gleaner yesterday evening that the midfielder, who recently signed for Danish club FC Copenhagen, was nursing an injury and was being treated by the club. However, he said he has spoken with the player who has assured him that he is fit and will make himself available. “These are two very important matches. We need all players that can play. Maybe he can play in the second match. We don’t know. He is coming, he tells us he is OK. I cannot tell you now (when he will arrive), today is Monday and Friday is the match. He has special (recovery) training (in Denmark) now. But we have all medical papers that we need and everything in Copenhagen comes to us,” he said. Although Schafer could not give a date of the Reggae Boyz captain’s arrival, he says he is expected in another day or two. “We talk today (Monday). We talk about him in Copenhagen and in the morning, he will come to us, or maybe he stays in Copenhagen another day. Maybe he comes for the second game,” he added. DISTANCE DIFFICULT Meanwhile, as the squad continues preparation, Sch‰fer argued that not seeing and communicating with his overseas-based players regularly makes his job more difficult. “One of the biggest problems I cannot watch my players or talk to him. I can’t watch my player here Sunday or Saturday and it’s very important to talk to the player and their coaches and managers. We play at a high level now and are one of the best teams in CONCACA,” Schafer said. “But the problem I have, I can’t see my players from outside Jamaica. That is one of the biggest problems for a coach. I see them one time a year and it’s very important I watch my players in Europe and MLS,” he reasoned. Jamaica Squad: Andre Blake, Je-Vaughn Watson, Kemar Lawrence, Adrian Mariappa, Michael Hector, Westley Morgan, Clayton Donaldson, Garath McCleary, Jobi McAnuff, Leo Williamson, Demar Phillips, Simon Dawkins, Alvas Powell, Jermaine Taylor, Darren Mattocks, Giles Barnes, Ryan Thompson, Allan Ottey, Andre Clennon, Dever Orgill, Andrew Vanzie, Vishunul Harris, and Shaven Sean-Paul.last_img read more

I want to be the greatest mother – Fraser-Pryce

first_img EYEING 2018 RETURN TO TRACK Superstar Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is readying for an experience quite unlike any she has had before, but for her, the objective remains the same be the greatest. Shortly after announcing her pregnancy yesterday, Fraser-Pryce admitted that she was looking forward to defending her 100m title at the upcoming World Championships but has now shifted that focus on becoming the greatest mother she can be. Fraser-Pryce will miss the chance to add to her seven World Championships gold medals in London this Summer, but the 30 year-old who is regarded as one of the best female sprinters in the history of the sport, remains excited about embarking on this new chapter in her life. Fraser-Pryce also took time to underline her gratitude for the outpouring of support she has received since making the big revelation. The two-time Olympic champion took to social media yesterday morning to announce her pregnancy, which led to a flood of congratulatory messages from scores of individuals, including fellow athletes. “All my focus heading into training for my 2017 season was on getting healthy and putting myself in the best possible fitness to successfully defend my title in London2017, but life is filled with many blessings with God, so here I am thinking about being the greatest mother I can be with my biggest blessing and the promise God made me,” Fraser-Pryce said in a note to her supporters, which she posted to her Facebook account. The athlete also confirmed that she will be returning to the competitive action next season. “Moving forward on this journey, I look forward to seeing you all in 2018 when I return to competition on the tracks and around the World. Thank you to my sponsors NIKE, GraceKennedy and Digicel for their unwavering support and a loyal fan base that’s willing to join and share in my journey,” Fraser-Pryce said. Fraser-Pryce, who in 2011 married her long-time boyfriend, Jason Pryce, had earlier announced via Instagram that she was expecting. “New chapter awaits, Hello Motherhood!!! See you soon …” The sprinter, who won a bronze medal in the 100m at last year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and anchored Jamaica to silver in the 4x100m, endured a tough season in 2016, where she was forced to overcome a serious toe injury that affected her all year. She was also faced with off-track issues after it was announced by her long-time coach Stephen Francis that the athlete had decided to part ways with him before a controversial U-turn was taken months later. Fraser-Pryce will have some company as female track stars who are new mothers after fellow sprinting standouts Sherone Simpson and Brigitte Foster-Hylton gave birth last year.last_img read more

A Few Technologies that Have Changed Our Way of Living in Liberia

first_imgOver the past ten years we have experienced several technologies and innovations that have changed the way we live in Liberia. These technologies have presented both opportunities and challenges for us, but for the most part, they have brought seismic economic and social transformations that have benefitted our society. In the subsequent paragraphs, I delineate and discuss briefly, a few of those technologies. I am convinced that there are other technologies that have impacted our culture and society, but due to space limitations, I have selected to discuss only a few in this article. These technologies include: Mobile phones, Computers, Satellite Communications, The Internet, Social Media, Open Source Software, the ACE Submarine Optical Fiber Cable, and Cloud Computing.Mobile PhonesMobile phones have become an essential part of our everyday life. A little over a decade ago we had to go to Liberia Telecommunication Corporation or what is now LIBTELCO, to make phone calls, today we can make phone calls using mobile phones from almost any, if not all parts of the country. They are being used to perform several tasks including: calculations, entertainment, as a flashlight, accessing the Internet, etc. The mobile phone is also fast becoming the PC of Liberia.  It is safe to say that the number of users accessing the internet via mobile phones surpasses the number of desktop internet users in Liberia. Mobile phones have transformed the way we do things in many areas. In the area of banking, the use of mobile money transfer service launched by Lonestar Cell MTN continues to gain momentum. When it comes to Activism, mobile phones play a significant role in its enhancement, as well as helping bring unprecedented levels of openness and transparency in the country; just listen to talk shows where callers call in to express the views. Mobile phones have played a significant role in ALL areas but there are still more areas that we may need to be more innovative in using mobile phones. One of them is Agriculture. In the area of Agriculture, mobile phones have the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of farmers in the Liberian agriculture sector, which is very crucial but declining. They could be used as platforms for sharing weather information, market prices, and micro-financing, to allow farmers to make better decisions, translating into higher-earning potentials.ComputersComputers have changed Liberia tremendously. They have helped us step forward into the future. Computers have impacted our lives in many ways and they continue to make life a lot easier. In Liberia, computers have brought about employment, job opportunities, new careers, the need for retraining, new business transactions, business automation, the replacement of people through automation, and so on. Computers have also impacted our way of learning, the way we communicate (email, telephony, etc), information processing, storage and retrieval and many other ways. Schools, businesses, government, and other areas continue to benefit and utilize computers on a daily basis.Satellite CommunicationsOver the years Liberia has benefited from Satellite communications in many ways. Satellite communications allow TV, radio, data and telephone transmissions to be sent anywhere in the world. Satellites are in orbit around the world, either moving or geo-stationary relative to the earth. Once a satellite becomes geosynchronous and rotates with the earth orbit, it is ready to work. It then beams messages to a ground station. The ground station receives these messages by using a device called a transponder which interrupts the message and then distributes it. By doing this satellite stations can then transport telephone service, data, or television transmissions to almost anywhere. These communication satellites are used for things like an overseas phone call or beaming 150 channels into your living room.The InternetIn Liberia, the internet has presented several opportunities that have enabled the country to reap some of its (internet’s) potential for social and economic gains. It has presented all kinds of innovative businesses, ideas, connections and opportunities. It is being used for education, business, politics, healthcare, and the delivery and presentation of information. But, in order to continue to benefit from the internet, we must continue to invest in infrastructure and the broader ecosystem for innovation.Two key pillars provide the basis for a well-functioning Internet economy: core infrastructure and conditions for usage. Core infrastructure includes aspects of the enabling environment – both physical infrastructure and characteristics of the business environment, such as mobile and Internet coverage, electricity, availability of skills, and education levels. Conditions for usage include those that influence access, awareness, availability and attractiveness. They include a range of drivers, from the cost of devices and price of packages to factors affecting citizen awareness, such as education levels, usage and relevance of services.Social MediaThere is no doubt that the social media has changed the way we interact in Liberia. In fact, the social media has become a source of news, communication (real-time), a place where relationships start or end, a place where advertisements are placed and mostly a place where individuals use to allow the world to know what’s going on in their lives via photos, videos, or text/posts. Most importantly in Liberia, the social media has become a place that encourages political discourse thus stimulating democracy. The press uses it vehemently to bring the news to the people, activists use it to enhance their causes, and politicians use it to enhance their chances of remaining in office by sending messages instantly to millions of Liberians locally and internationally. The social media has given voice to the voiceless in an uncensored way. And through it, a lot has happened not only in Liberia, but across the world.Open Source SoftwareOpen Source Software as we know, has powered the internet since its (internet) advent. It continues to do so today. The Apache Web Server, the Linux operating system, Mozilla Firefox, etc., are all open source software that have and continue to transform the internet and our lives. In Recent years, Web Development experienced a major paradigm shift with websites becoming not only dynamic, but interactive, collaborative, and highly functional. For example, the open source Content Management Systems (CMS) Drupal ( also Joomla and WordPress), is being used to create state-of –the-art websites. Let’s take the www.Legislature.Gov.Lr  website which provides up-to-date information on activities of the Liberian Legislature as well as websites of many Liberian online newspapers. Also, almost 80% of the users in Liberia use the Mozilla Firefox web browser which is open source.ACE Submarine Optical Fiber Cable/Broadband ConnectivityThe Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) optical fiber cable arrived in Liberia in 2012 and subsequently went live to provide low cost broadband connectivity to Liberians. While the impact is not “nationally” felt, it promises to have a phenomenal impact on the lives of Liberians.Cloud ComputingCloud Computing is still not popular in Liberia but it continues to impact our lives. It allows companies and individuals to divorce themselves from traditional data centers opting for data centers in the “Cloud.” This approach has saved companies and individuals a lot of money in that it eliminates capital spending. For many of us who are in programming and systems development, cloud computing provides the ideal and low cost testing environment.  Finally, these are just a few of the technologies that have impacted the lives of Liberians. In next five years, we will see newer technologies or the advancement of existing technologies that will continue to better our lives socially and economically. To benefit from them, we must continue working towards building our capacityShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Financial institutions reluctant to support Govt’s ‘flagship’ housing project

first_img…CH&PA Head admits persons refusing to share 1 buildingTwo years after the launch of the Government’s ‘flagship’ housing project at Perseverance, East Bank Demerara, it still has not gained momentum.CH&PA Head Lelon SaulGovernment’s Perseverance ‘Housing Solutions 2017 and Beyond’ Project, which commenced in 2017, has been faced with the challenge of non-occupancy as persons are refusing to share duplexes.This was confirmed on Monday during the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s End-of-Year Report for 2019.According to CH&PA Operations Director Denise King-Tudor, another challenge is that despite having allocated all units, many persons are yet to move in.“In some cases, persons…we’re waiting on the banks to release that final payment to us so that they can proceed to the next stage. And there are cases where persons…we’re in receipt of payments for those houses, but they are doing some [works]…some persons they would like to fence, they want to grill, they want to do improve[ment] on the bridge that we have provided for them to gain access to that house, and there are some other little things that they would like to do before. And there are those too, that they have not yet – they’ve been allocated a while, they’ve paid the full amount – and they’re still not occupying those houses,” King-Tudor explained.Another challenge which the CH&PA has been facing is the hesitation from commercial banks and other financial institutions to grant approval for loans.CH&PA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lelon Saul indicated that the main issue related to the duplexes, where different families would be sharing one building.“The issue with the banks right now is the issue about ownership particularly at Perseverance; we’re working to resolve that. I mean in many countries across the region, there are apartment buildings or duplexes and you know…we have to embrace these things and I’m quite positive the financial institution[s] will get on board and support our initiative. We just cannot say that we would not construct duplexes; even right in Guyana, here there are gated communities that have condominiums being sold. And the very banking institution[s] are supporting those initiatives. And I see no reason why they would not support Central Housing and Planning Authority with our duplexes,” Saul said.He added that the CH&PA has been taking several initiatives to get persons to occupy their units.“We have a few persons and we are engaging them; we are talking with them and in fact, they’ve been given a specific timeline to occupy those units…and so we are working with the purchasers to get them to move in,” Operations Director King-Tudor noted.The Government had said at the project’s launching that it was aimed at bringing resolution to those persons who form the huge backlog of applications at the CH&PA.Just earlier this year, homeowners of Perseverance homes had complained about structural defects which included leaking roofs, toilet facilities, and flooring issues.last_img read more

Leguan residents complain about speedboat fare hike

first_img…mother asked to pay full fare for 6-month-old babyResidents of the Island of Leguan, in the Essequibo River, are complaining bitterly about the sudden hike in speedboat fares due to the lack of a regular ferry service.The normal fare from Parika to Leguan is about $500, but residents are now being forced to pay as much as $1,500, depending on the number of passengers in the speedboat at that time.Speedboats lined up at the Leguan StellingAccording to residents living on the island, the ferry service has not been working to its normal schedule for the past six months, and passengers have no other choice but to pay the very high and unreasonable fare to travel. The speedboats are outfitted to transport about 10 passengers at once, but because of low numbers of persons travelling to and from the island, the speedboat operators would sometimes enforce a call for double fare or higher.One mother told this publication that she has been left stranded many times for refusing to pay for her six-month-old baby.The residents are contending that the entire arrangement needs to be relooked at, and they are calling on the Government to alleviate their sufferings by reinstating a regular ferry service to the island.Additionally, the residents are saying that because of the lack of a proper ferry service, they are now being forced to pay extra for their goods in an already dwindling economy.Deteriorated stelling postsFor years, the issue of an unreliable ferry service has plagued the island, but according to the residents, the issue has gotten worse over the last year, since the MV Sandaka started encountering mechanical problems.The engine of the MV Sandaka was reportedly damaged a few months ago, and emergency repairs were executed. However, it failed again a few days after, and now the MV Malali is servicing Leguan. The MV Sandaka is docked at Mazaruni, awaiting a new engine.Another major issue is the Leguan Ferry Stelling, which is on the verge of collapsing. The timber planks supporting the stelling are rotten, causing residents to be fearful, since heavy vehicles traverse the stelling. In addition, the decking is loose and uneven, with rails hanging on to literally nothing at certain sections on the ramp. The stelling has been in this deplorable state for over one and a half years.The residents also indicated that a concrete-post-and-wood-decking stelling served no purpose; hence they are calling for a fully concrete stelling, noting that it would last longer with little to no repairs.Guyana Times was also told that in addition to loose decking and rotten posts, the lower ramp used to load laden vehicles onto the ferry is in such a deplorable state that vehicles are unable to access it. Vehicles have to wait until the tide is high enough for them to access the high ramp to load or offload, which affects the business community, since critical goods cannot be delivered in time, and farmers’ produce would perish.Following the Guyana Times’ report, Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson announced that Government is in the process of awarding contracts for the rehabilitation of the Stelling. The Ministry would also go ahead and effect emergency repairs on the stelling.On Tuesday, the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board opened tenders for the rehabilitation of the Leguan Stelling. According to the engineer’s estimate, the project will cost $455.3 million. The project saw 10 local companies bidding.last_img read more

Summer arrives on a winter day here in the Southland

first_imgCANOGA PARK – On a winter day like Sunday, when temperatures hit the 90s and clocks moved ahead to add one more hour of searing sunlight to the afternoon, you just have to skip spring and give in early to summer. Angelenos surrendered to the early blast of summer by slipping on shorts and flip flops, spreading out beach towels and sipping chilled passion-fruit tea at coffee houses along Ventura Boulevard. Despite the unusually warm temperatures, Sunday produced only two record highs in the region: UCLA came in at 87, breaking a 1959 record of 86, and Pasadena touched 93, beating a 1997 record by four degrees. Other areas came close, but failed to beat records set in 1997. Woodland Hills hit 93, downtown Los Angeles made it to 92 and Burbank reached 90, according to the National Weather Service, based in Oxnard. West Hills resident Roland Radler sampled citrus trees to replace the saplings he lost in the frost. But his mind was really on summer. “I can’t wait until I get in the pool,” he said. “I can’t wait to be getting back into a boat.” (818) 713-3664 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! But today may have a better chance in the record department, with highs in the San Fernando Valley expected to hit 94. On Sunday, Woodland Hills residents were as restless as insects, anxious to swarm into summer even if it is still more than three months away. “I was told no video games today, no staying indoors,” said Steve Kochak, holding his girlfriend’s hand as the young couple strolled through Warner Park. “I was told we have to go outside. I was also told to wear shorts, because I have nice legs.” Local nurseries enjoyed a hike in sales, thanks in part to the freezing temps that hit the Valley and destroyed plants just seven weeks ago. Residents scooped up beds of pansies and petunias to replace the brittle, brown debris the cold snap left in their backyards. “The freeze paid off,” said Green Thumb salesman Cal Wright. “The telephone’s been ringing all day. We had 300 azaleas that sold on Saturday, and we’ve been selling water fountains like they’re going out of style.” last_img read more

Bid on tickets to Luke Bryan and support the Child Development Centre

first_imgEvery penny from the auction will go directly to the Child Development Centre in Fort St. John in support of the 10th Annual Arctech Welding and Machining A day for the Kids Thursday March 6 at Save-on-Foods.  Help us raise money for the CDC, by placing a bid in this auction.If you win, you’ll get a pair of tickets to the May 6, 2014 show in Dawson Creek.  The auction is now underway and will end at 4pm on Thursday March 6, 2014.  Bid below[wpauction id=”2″ /]- Advertisement –last_img

Former Aston Villa striker snapped up by Leyton Orient on two-year deal

first_img1 Jordan Bowery in action for Oxford United Leyton Orient have snapped up former Aston Villa striker Jordan Bowery on a two-year deal.The 25-year-old has been a free agent since leaving Oxford United at the end of last season but has not had to wait long for new employment.Orient, who have already made seven signings this summer, moved quickly to land Bowery as they bid to mount a League Two promotion push next term.Orient is the eighth club of Bowery’s career, which has stalled since his £500,000 move to Villa back in August 2012.He made 19 Premier League appearances for the club but left for Rotherham in 2014 having failed to score a senior goal.He bagged seven in 17 for Oxford last term having joined in January and Orient will be hoping for a similar strike rate this season.last_img read more

Library celebrates children, reading

first_imgSANTA FE SPRINGS – A one-day festival of children and literacy is coming to Santa Fe Springs on Saturday.Santa Fe Springs Library officials have made plans to host more than 200 children and their families for the city’s “D a de los Libros/D a de los Ni os” event. To be held from 1 to 4 p.m. at the library, 11700 Telegraph Road, the celebration is a first for Santa Fe Springs. “A number of libraries in the country have been doing this particular event,” said Outreach Librarian Joyce Ryan. “We thought it would be particularly beneficial for the community – celebrating books regardless of what native tongue you speak.” Ryan said she and her colleagues are excited about the “D a” kickoff. “Whenever you have an event focused on reading and books, it brings parents together with children to cement the idea of learning,” the librarian said. “Especially if you’re giving books away to a child, that puts power in their hands.” The Children’s Literacy Foundation also stressed the importance of strong literacy skills among children. The organization reported that one in five American children grows up functionally illiterate, and 75 percent of school children do not have the knowledge or skills necessary to write stories and reports proficiently. “If children miss the thrill of reading when they’re little, chances are they won’t recover,” the foundation stated on its Web site. “Studies show that children with strong reading skills and a love of books are more likely to be successful in school.” Ryan hopes the Santa Fe Springs event will nurture children’s futures. “In a lot of ways, literacy and giving power to a child increases their chance to shape the rest of their lives,” she said. For more information on “D a de los Libros/D a de los Ni os,” call (562) 868-7738. (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3024160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl eventRyan added that bilingual children’s author Isabel Campoy and folk-music singer Suni Paz are on tap for the local library’s event. Folklorico dancing, Aztec dancers and arts and crafts workshops will also be featured at no cost to visitors. “D a de los Libros/D a de los Ni os,” or “Book Day/Children’s Day” is celebrated annually on April 30, according to the Association for Library Service to Children. Santa Fe Springs associates rescheduled their event to collaborate with National Library Week, which is April 2-8. Children who attend this weekend’s celebration will be given one of two books, thanks to support from the Community Services Department, Ryan said. Visitors may choose between Carmen Lomas Garza’s “Family Pictures/Cuadros de Familia” or “The Woman who Outshone the Sun” by Harriet Rohmer for their at-home library. last_img read more

Dutch footballing legend tells talkSPORT he would ‘LOVE’ to manage in England

first_imgFour-time Champions League winner Clarence Seedorf has told talkSPORT of his desire to manage in England and that he would be willing to take on the right ‘project’ with a Championship club.The Dutch footballing legend, 41, has been out of management since leaving Chinese second-tier side Shenzhen in December 2016  and is keen to return to work.The former Real Madrid and AC Milan midfielder, who also managed the latter in 2014, would not be averse to following former Netherlands team-mate Jaap Stam in managing in England’s second division.In an interview with the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Seedorf said: “I have been out of management for a season, but I would love to work in England, in the UK, I think it’s one of the best players to be as a coach.“So absolutely, I would consider any opportunity in the UK.”He was hugely decorated as a player, winning the league title in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy as well as Europe’s top competition with three different clubs in Ajax, Madrid and Milan.And Seedorf revealed he has previously held talks about coming to England.He added: “I would be open [to] the Premier League, the Championship, the level of both competitions is very high.“Look at Jaap Stam, my good friend who has done a great job with Reading.“Actually there were some conversations a year ago with some teams in the Championship as well, some others in the Premier League.“There is a lot of competition out there and the clubs can make that choice, but I am looking forward to seeing some proposals with some nice projects that we can take into consideration.”last_img read more