On September 19 2016 we hold the Kick off ceremon

first_imgOn September 19, 2016 we hold the Kick off ceremony for the Victory of the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship in Kampala Uganda under the guidance of Rev. Bakary Camara, with the goal of 12 couples bless 430 couples (each) during 120 days.We had 80 participants which included blessed families, blessed children and the youth.In the opening remarks Rev. Bakary spoke about how the seminar will be conducted and also gave a brief about Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities and the direction from True Mother, and about the start of the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship activities of 12 couples from Uganda who are going to give blessing to 430 couples in 120 days. He said that Heavenly Tribal Messiahship is the life line that connects us to True Parents.We had two lectures on Heavenly Tribal Messiahship in morning, led by Rev. Kililo, the sub-regional director of East Africa  Speaking about :He spoke about Heavenly Tribal Messiahship activities in Asia especially the Phillipines, Cambodia, Nepal and India, explaining how how the people in Asia have been able to achieve the blessing of 430 couples.Successful Tribal Messiahship are working through one to one witnessing, or family party, approaching churches and educating the Pastors/Bishops.The Successful begin first by making the conditions, then create relationship, and then move to the level of education and harvesting.To start people do not need to go through 7 days and 21 days workshop before going to blessing. Even after 3 days of explaining the Principles of Creation, the Fall and the importance of blessing, we can bless the couples and there after we can focus on educating them.We need a systematic approach to Tribal Messiah ship, where by spiritual children are divided into 10 and each of the 10 takes care of the 43 couples.Environment in each country is different and therefor the witnessing strategies in each nation may differ.Keep record of our tribes as the Tribe increases through taking photographs, visiting them, knowing what this one has done, where they stay, whom they stay with etc and loving the spiritual children as our own children.Tribal Messiah takes responsibility of his children even when these children go astray. Now that True father is in spirit world, we need to work extra hard and fulfil our responsibility in achieving Tribal Messiahship in the nation. True Parents have completed and concluded their mission, our mission is to carry the cross and follow them on the path of Tribal MessiahshipRestoration of 7 nations by 2020 is very important for God and to fulfil this we need to go through the 8 stage formula from servant of servant all the way up to the Father showing how many couples are required for each level as the Nation is being restored.Participants divided in three groups for the discussion on:How to achieve Tribal Messiahship,How does Tribal Messiahship relate with Uganda today,when do we start implementing Tribal Messiahship in Uganda.Three groups consisting of about 20people each were created to discuss these questions. The first group was led by Rev. Edwin Plekhanov national leader to Burundi, the second group by Rev. Makuuza Francis national leader to Rwanda and the third group by Rev. Gimeyi Moses national leader to Uganda.After the discussion, a representative from each group shared what they had discussed:Group 1 was represented by Mr. Katungi Jackson, who spoke about reaching out to communities, schools, institutions as a way to achieve Tribal Messiahship. He also spoke about strategies like Social media, finding interests of people using these interests to connect to people to True Parents. He concluded by saying that we need to start now to do Tribal Messiahship.Group 2 was represented by Anna Nadunga, who spoke about using our providential organizations as a starting point in Tribal Messiahship, connecting with other organizations and continue on witnessing to politicians. Lady Anna also said that Tribal Messiahship has already begun and people are already doing their tribal messiahship.Group 3 was represented by Mr. Lugeba, who spoke about using Family church as the starting point in Tribal Messiahship. He also hinted on the financial challenge as the hindering block in the tribal messiahship activities.After reporting about the discussions, we had a testimony by Mr. Magoola David, who spoke about his mission in Busoga. There after we received guidance from our Regional President Rev. Camara.Guidance by the Regional President Rev. Bakary CamaraPurification of our mind and body is very important. We need to purify ourselves first before we witness to others. We really should avoide smoking and drinking.We should  really try our best to connect to the heart of True Parents and Heavenly Parent through prayer and fasting constantly until we tap into the heart of God. He said that we have to really fulfill our responsibility.We should go out witnessing with a heart of saving the people, not with a heart of making members.True Parents have carried a heavy burden because of us. originally we are supposed to be blessed when we have our 3 spiritual children, who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us. But many members received blessing without fulfilling this condition and therefore True Parents were accused by Satan and they had to pay a huge indemnity. All issues arising from the True family are because of us who are failing to fulfill our responsibilities.We should stay faraway from our spouses unless we have a special mission from True Parents.Entering the kingdom of Heaven is depend onsuccess in our tribal messiahship activitoes. by FFWPU Uganda, Gimeyi Moses Joint Sunday ServiceDuring our Sunday service on September 20, Rev. Bakary Camara, Rev. Kililo Mwalagho, Rev. Gimeyi Moses, Rev. Makuuza Francis, and Rev. Edwin Plekhanov, to all the participants.Rev. Gimeyi Moses testified about his tribal messiahship activities and how he has managed witness to a brother who has attended 7days divine principle and also testified that through this one brother he has been able to witness to a group of people who are studying divine principle.Rev. Makuuza Francis testified that tribal messiahship activities in Rwanda. He said that he has been conducting tribal messiah mission together with his wife and that it has not been easy. However through conditions and grace from Cheong Pyeong , he was able to educate provincial leaders and together they could begin tribal messiah mission. He testified that Rwanda has been able to conduct 7 days DP lectures each month and also construct a center for conducting seminars.Rev. Plekhanov testified about his experience during the World Leaders Assembly. He said that he saw an image on the right side of Mother especially during the Cheon il Guk Scripture dedication. And he confessed that indeed that image was True Father. He said this was the first time to see father in such an experience in tears, he recalled when Mother asked a question and people answered yes. And then Mother said if you are really my children, you would have said Ye Omoni. And said that Mother really wants us to be like her real children.Rev. Kililo testified about his experience during the World Leaders assembly. He spoke about the different functions and recalled that great moment when Kim jung il of North Korea sent A banquette of Flowers for True Parents. He said that even at toughest times of great tension True Parents received love from an enemy. This reflects the work and love that True Parents have for North Korea. He also gave a brief summary on the Cheon il Guk Scripture dedication ceremony including the speech by Rev. Young Hwi Kim and a special lecture by Andrew Wilson. He spoke about the Sunhak peace prize as well as True Mother’s direct Channel to Heavenly Parent.Rev. Camara spoke about unity among members for helping each other to fulfill our responsibilities. He said we need to identify our subject partners, otherwise there is not direct path to God. He also said that we need to pray for our leaders and really invest ourselves in Tribal Messiahship Activities.He also spoke about his experience with the Kamugisha Family staying on the land that True Mother bought for Uganda. He said that he was inspired by this humble family which was raising goats and rabbits as a means to pay tuition for their children. And on that background he begun a fundraising campaign to construct a church and a center in Lusaaze. Rev. Bakary led fundraising by pledging a donation of $3000. This inspired the members to also pledge and offer. In total $13,050 was raised for the construction of the church. During the fundraising Rev. Camara sang a song about True Parents. They are behind me; they are in front of me. they are behind me they are around me so I cannot fear”. He taught us to sing this song and every one was inspired to give.Rev. Camara was happy with the Uganda family and promised to come back very soon.last_img

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