Google will pay people 40000 a year not to drive their self

first_imgThinking about a change of career? Google’s got a heck of a job offer for you. They’ll potentially pay up to $40,000 a year for you to not drive one of their autonomous cars. That’s based on base pay for $20 per hour working full time hours (40 hours a week).There has to be some kind of catch, you say? Of course there is. Google isn’t just planning on throwing money at people to ride around with an AI chauffeur while sucking on slurpees and binge-watching Netflix from the non-driver’s seat.No, you’ll actually have to pay attention. Google’s cars have logged plenty of hours on real roads, but there are still going to be times when the car doesn’t know how to handle a situation — say, sharing a narrow section of road with an oncoming bus. Since there’s no way of knowing when you’ll need to lend a helping hand (or foot), you need to be ever vigilant behind the wheel.You also have to be able to type a minimum of 40 words per minute — presumably because you’ll be expected to submit reports about your rides, not because they want you doing double duty as a Zagat reviewer. It’ll also be extremely helpful if you happen to live in or near Chandler, Arizona, because that’s where Google’s autonomous vehicles will be hitting the streets.A couple other caveats: you must have a bachelor’s degree and a spotless criminal record. Apart from that, if you’re comfortable with a one or two-year contract and think $20 per hour is fair pay for what you will (and won’t) be doing, go apply!It would be pretty sweet to be able to add “driverless car driver” to your resume, even if Google’s official job title is “vehicle safety specialist.”last_img

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