11 Niche Video Streaming Services You Should Subscribe To

first_imgStay on target Netflix Is Raising Its US Subscription Plan Prices6 Shows You Need to Watch on Netflix Now It’s amazing to think about how getting movies and TV shows into our eyeballs has changed in just five years. We don’t know what we’d do without Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime serving up streaming video content. But have you ever been a little frustrated that the offerings of these big platforms didn’t scratch a particular itch? That’s because they’re designed to capture the biggest possible audience, and as geeks we’re all about our niches.Plenty of other streaming services exist out there, though, and some of them are incredibly cool. With the most expensive clocking in under ten bucks a month, they’re also seriously worth the money. Come with us as we explore the world of niche streaming video services.Shout Factory TVFounded in 2003, Shout Factory had a good run during the DVD age, but unlike many of their competitors, they found a way to transition to the world of streaming with success. Their subscription service gains you access to a wide library of quirky titles plumbed from the vaults, including the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 library, tons of old-school anime, and some insane cult stuff like short-lived teen soap Swan’s Crossing and the original 80s female wrestling show GLOW. It’s a pretty schizophrenic lineup, but it’ll keep you busy. ShudderHorror fans have been raving about Shudder since it went online in 2015, leveraging a sizable library with some remarkably astute curation to deliver the best selection of creepshows you’ll find in the streaming marketplace. Genre-specific playlists rub shoulders with selections picked by actors and directors, giving you multiple ways to explore the catalog. In addition to previously-released theatrical movies, Shudder has also started moving into the exclusive content space with both foreign horror shows showing in English for the first time and original programming. At just five bucks a month, it’s a pretty easy pill to swallow, and with over 700 movies and counting, Shudder is a must for bloodsucking freaks. CONtvIt’s almost like they made this one just for us. CONtv is a purely geek-centric streaming service that launched in 2015 as a joint venture between Wizard World and Cinedigm. In addition to sci-fi, fantasy and horror films, the big draw here is behind-the-scenes video access to Wizard World’s conventions across the country, with interviews and panel discussions featuring some of the biggest names in nerd culture. Of special note is exclusive series My Morphing Life, where former Green Ranger Jason David Frank attends cons, meets fans and grapples with the nature of fame. Tribeca ShortlistThe streaming wing of the venerable Tribeca Film Festival focuses on top-tier mainstream and independent movies by design, but their library is… unique, to say the least. The “handpicked selection” includes classics like Rain Man and Eat Drink Man Woman, but also boasts the first three Cube movies and Blacula. They typically have a couple of hundred offerings at any given time, with a fair amount of churn to bring new ones to your attention. At just five bucks a month, it’s a worthwhile spend for their unusual curatorial touch alone.For more on the best streaming devices visit our in-depth coverage here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Brown SugarIt’s hard to recommend a streaming service this narrowly focused, but the incredible depth of the Brown Sugar library is hard to ignore. As you might guess from the name, this company is laser-focused on Blaxploitation movies, with hundreds of the genre’s most notorious flicks. Rudy Ray Moore’s seminal Dolemite is here, along with Melvin Van Peebles’ Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, Shaft, Superfly and more. The rise of Black cinema in the 70s introduced a rough energy to action filmmaking, and so many of these movies are still amazingly watchable today. At just four bucks a month, Brown Sugar is an easy commitment to make. Walter PresentsSome of the most interesting TV shows in recent years have come from outside the United States, and although Netflix and Hulu have brought a few over, there’s actually a niche streaming service devoted to foreign TV. It’s called Walter Presents, curated by Italian producer Walter Iuzzolino. Selecting some of the most popular and interesting shows from Europe and South America, there’s a ton of cool binge-watchable stuff on here like Brazilian serial killer series Merciless, German espionage drama Deutschland 83 and more. Lots of intense crime dramas to be found here. CrunchyrollOld-school anime fans remember how hard it used to be to get new episodes from Japan, which typically came over on heavily degraded VHS dubs from questionable sources. The streaming revolution has changed all that, and if you haven’t heard of Crunchyroll by now you’re in for a wonderful surprise. Easily the top anime streaming service out there, Crunchyroll currently boasts nearly a thousand different series as well as K-drama and other live-action offerings. One of the most unique features they offer is simulcasting – the ability to watch new episodes at the same time they air in Japan. Brave new world, people. MubiIf you get anxious grinding through the wall of thumbnails in Netflix’s streaming section and are looking for something a little more focused, cinephile streaming site, Mubi has a fascinating alternative. The site keeps 30 films available for streaming at any given time, adding one and removing one every day. Those films are drawn from up and coming festival hits, all-time cinema classics and lesser-explored pockets of movie history, making it constantly worth checking. You might not love every single film they serve up, but if you want to have your cinema mind expanded, Mubi is a great deal. FandorLaunched in 2011, Fandor is one of the older streaming services out there, and has built a solid library using a revenue sharing model, where filmmakers are compensated with a percentage of subscription income for their movies. The collection has grown to over 5,000 films from all over the world, primarily from independent directors and small studios, and there are some serious gems in there. The categorization system is also top-notch, with dozens of subgenres to explore and an editorial arm that posts deeply-thought essays and creates curated collections of films with some surprising connections. CuriosityStreamDeep science heads swear by CuriosityStream, a service dedicated to presenting the best and brightest science documentaries out there. Created by John Hendricks, who is best known for founding the Discovery Channel, it boasts a lineup of over 1,500 films covering everything from quantum physics to ancient civilizations. In addition to licensing content from a number of providers, CuriosityStream has also branched out into original content, including the fascinating series Miniverse that maps the Solar System down to the scale of the continental United States. DocsvilleFormerly known as Yaddo, this British streaming service is a haven for nonfiction fans looking to explore their universe. With films covering culture, science, history and more, Docsville ably balances education and entertainment with some legendary flicks. Programmed by BBC legend Nick Fraser, who helmed Storyville for two decades, the platform is also funding new documentaries from both established talents and up-and-comers. If you’re bored of Netflix’s “documentary” section that’s primarily reality TV shows, this is the service for you.last_img

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