Game of Thrones Director Explains Why Arya Ambushed the Night King

first_imgStay on target When Arya Stark killed the Night King in “The Long Night,” many Game of Thrones fans were shocked and did not expect her to save Winterfell. Now, Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik is explaining why we didn’t see how Arya Stark reached the Night King before the big moment.Arya Stark’s kill scene during “The Long Night” episode was a turning point for the Game of Thrones plot: When Bran Stark and the Night King are about to confront each other, Arya Stark suddenly comes out of nowhere and leaps toward the Night King. However, viewers know that it wasn’t the end for the heroine, who was held up by the Night King until she pulled her signature weapon move.“In the end we felt it didn’t matter how she got there — what mattered was setting up that moment when the Night King catches her mid-leap and we think she’s done for, then she pulls her knife switch and takes him out,” Sapochnik told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “I loved Maisie’s performance post the takedown as well, sharing a moment with her brother, Bran [Stark].”#MondayMotivation: #NotToday— Game of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) April 29, 2019Sapochnik discussed why he scrapped a scene where Arya Stark would be shown traveling through the Weirwood forest, since it would destroy the timing of the Night King’s death.“I questioned everything and we worked long and hard to find the right balance of credibility versus wish fulfillment. Then we shot it and reshot it and found that what was really important was rhythm,” Sapochnik added. “At one point there was an elaborate plan to have her fight her way into the Weirwood forest, but as we progressed we realized she’d already done that earlier in the episode, so it felt like a repeat.”Even though Game of Thrones received mixed reviews for its last season, the series received 32 Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama, Lead Actor in a Drama, and Lead Actress in a Drama. The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards will be held on Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019 at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.More on‘Game of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Wished for One More Arya Stark Kill‘Game of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams: Arya’s Major Kill Was ‘Unexpected’‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Script Explains Why Drogon Burned the Iron Throne ‘Game of Thrones’ Targaryen Prequel Series Is Reportedly Coming to HBO‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Joins Marvel’s &#… last_img

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