Pokémon X and Y patch now live fixes gamebreaking bug

first_imgShortly after Pokémon X and Y released, fans discovered a game-breaking bug that struck during the early portions of the game. The bug was devastating, as it would corrupt your save and not allow further progress into the game, causing you to start over. Furthermore, the bug struck in multiple areas of the game’s central hub and largest city, Lumiose City. Now, a little over two weeks after release, Nintendo has released a patch for the game that not only quashes the bug, but restores your corrupted save.Because this is a Nintendo console — and a handheld one at that — the patching process isn’t made entirely clear unless you are a Nintendo 3DS veteran. First, you must quit out of your game if one was suspended, and head to your home screen. Then, load up the Nintendo eShop. From there, you’ll receive an automatic message about updating your software, so just proceed with the dialog boxes. If you want to update at a later time — or missed the automatic update box for whatever reason — navigate to Settings/Other, then scroll down to History, and select Updates. Finally, hit Download, make sure you have enough space, then proceed with the dialog boxes and choose to download now or later.When the download is complete, your version of Pokémon will be updated, and you can (probably) feel safe saving in Lumiose City once again. No longer will you have to take the extra minute to walk outside of the city to find a safe place to save.last_img

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