Samsung Music Hub includes 100GB cloud storage powered by 7digital and mSpot

first_imgWhen you’re playing catch-up with the likes of Apple, building your own music store from scratch just isn’t a viable option any more. Jumping into the streaming game is tough, too, with services like Spotify, Last.FM, and Pandora all having a huge head start. Samsung’s answer? To sign on with global music merchants 7digital and roll a private-label service using their existing catalog and infrastructure.It’s a huge win for 7digital, who now becomes the default destination for all things musical on all Samsung’s new devices –which could well include laptops in addition to smartphones and tablets (and possibly other connected devices like HDTVs and refrigerators). Beyond offering 7digital’s library of more than 19 million songs for purchase, the Samsung Music Hub will also include a 100GB cloud storage locker built around mSpot — which Samsung acquired just recently.Samsung says it wants to be “bigger than Apple.” They already are, of course, when it comes to global handset and tablet sales, and their impressive market gains will go a long way towards helping them challenge iTunes — at least when it comes to music.The Samsung Music Hub will be 7digital’s first kick at the streaming can. They’ve got plenty of experience delivering digital downloads and cloud-connected players, however, so there’s no doubt they can pull it off. They’re the perfect partner for Samsung’s new-and-improved service, and with millions of Galaxy S3 pre-orders logged and units now shipping to customers, it won’t take long to learn what kind of impact this collaboration will have on the digital music marketplace.More at Pocket Lintlast_img

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