Security Council authorizes 6month extension of NATO force in Bosnia

In unanimously adopting resolution 1551, the Council welcomed NATO’s decision, as well as the European Union’s intention to launch a follow-on mission there, including a military component, starting in December.The Council decided that the status of forces agreements in the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina should apply provisionally to the proposed European Union mission and its forces, including from the point of build-up in the country, in anticipation of the concurrence of the parties to those agreements to that effect.In a related provision, the Council authorized Member States to take all necessary measures, at the request of SFOR, either in defence of SFOR or to assist the force in carrying out its mission, and recognized the right of the force to take all necessary measures to defend itself from attack or threat of attack.In that connection, the Council expressed its intention to consider the terms of further authorization as necessary in light of developments in implementation of the Peace Agreement and the situation in that country.

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