Police investigate shooting on Mount Albion Road

Updated:People living in a row of town houses on Mount Albion road near the Red Hill Valley Parkway received a rude awakening late last night as shots rang out hitting one of the homes.Just before midnight police say gun shots were fired into a unit. The window was still intact this afternoon with at least eight bullet holes shot through it. Several people were inside at the time and weren’t hurt. Initial police reports say the shooters were in a vehicle at the time of the shooting but it appears that it would be difficult to fit any car down the grassy path. While police are still searching for the motive, residents have a clear idea.We heard from three people who live in the town house complex who say that they aren’t surprised in the slightest that this unit was targeted. They say the man living here has caused a lot of issues over the last two years. They even started a petition to get him out of the neighbourhood.Police say their detectives are canvassing the area and looking for security footage in order to locate those involved with the shooting.

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