Neymar Signed for Barcelona After Rosell Bribed His Father Delcir Sonda

By Safaa KasraouiRabat – Barcelona’s forward, Neymar and its former President, Sandro Rosell have been accused of corruption by founding partner of the private Brazilian football Investment Fund (DIS), Delcir Sonda.Sonda, who used to own 40 percent of the Brazilian player’s rights, told Spanish sports website AS that Neymar and his family have committed a “crime” with the help of former president of Barcelona, Sandro Rosell. He went on to add Rosell, secretly bribed Neymar’s father for a sum of 40 million euros to ensure that the player would negotiate only with Barcelona during the transfer window.Sonda stressed that Neymar was about to sign with Real Madrid before FCB, but his father accepted the bribe to make him change his mind. Barcelona ended up signing with Neymar in the summer of 2013 for a sum of 65million euros.For his part, Sonda expressed his disappointment saying that he had “never imagined suing the boy he loved so much.” He added that “Supporting Neymar is supporting corruption and he’s a bad example to the children who wear his jersey.”

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