Crime decline? Police report 21% reduction

first_imgOnce again, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has reported a reduction in serious crime – this time a 21 per cent decrease – at the end of September 2016, when compared to the same period last year.According to the Police Force, in its monthly statistics for September, there was a nine per cent decline in reports of murder cases with 105 cases in 2016, relative to the same period last year which had 115 cases listed.With regards to robberies, it was disclosed that gun-related robberies saw a five per cent decrease with 563 cases this year compared to 592 cases last year; while there was a 17 per cent decline in robberies with other instruments, which recorded 235 cases this year against 284 last year. Additionally, robberies with no instruments saw a 15 per cent reduction with 33 cases in 2016 compared to 39 in 2015; while robberies with violence recorded a 25 per cent decrease with 76 cases in this year against 102 last year, and robberies with aggravation reduced by four per cent, recording 52 cases this year and 54 in 2015.Meanwhile, larceny from the person also saw a 33 per cent decrease with 93 cases in 2016, compared to 139 last year. The declining pattern continued with a 13 per cent reduction in burglary, with 171 cases this year against 197 in 2015; and a 21 per cent decrease in break and enter and larceny with 965 cases recorded this year when compared to 1226 cases last year.Moreover, there was a 19 per cent decline in rape cases during the comparative period between this year, which recorded 204 cases, and last year when 251 cases were listed.Furthermore, the Police Force reported that some 67 illegal firearms were seized during this period; that is, 29 pistols, 21 revolvers and 17 shotguns. Last year, a total of 89 firearms were seized by the Police.It was reported too that the Force has maintained consistency in clearing up serious crime cases from January to September. During this time, there were 2497 cases reported of which 535 were cleared up, thus reflecting 21 per cent.According to the Force, the consistent and continuous reduction in serious crimes is an indication that the strategies are working well, have yielded and will continue to yield positive results, thereby assuring all citizens that their collaborative effort in partnering with law enforcement is vital.It added that exposure to training both locally and internationally continues to be a priority at all levels of the Force. In this regard, some 97 officers and other ranks during January to September of this year benefited from overseas training in all aspect of policing.This includes: training to combat human trafficking for judicial authorities, victim identification, referral, and assistance and public corruption and ethics.The Force continues to report on a monthly basis, a declining pattern despite crime appearing to be spiralling out of control with an almost daily occurrence of armed robberies throughout the country.In fact, when questioned at a press conference two weeks ago about the public perception that crime might be on the increase and not declining as being touted by the Force, acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine had explained that the situation is not as extreme as being perceived.“I have released the figures, and I fully understand some people saying there is a dark side of crime, (but) perception is nine-tenth of reality. There is a perception out there but I think some people are taking it too far to say there is a crime situation… Its not a crime situation,” he posited.Nevertheless, Ramnarine urge Guyanese to take extra steps to ensure their safety even in the comfort of their homes.last_img

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