Cuddling dictatorship

first_imgDear Editor,Sometimes, dreadful things that defy all logic unfolds realistically in front of our eyes so easily that it appears unbelievable. Like an accident, it all seems unreal until it’s over and the full impact is felt – if you are still lucky enough to be alive to feel it.I watch this illegal President and his illegal bunch of Government officials tour this country amidst protest after protest by thousands of dissatisfied citizens. Amidst condemnation after condemnation from local and international bodies and even growing dissatisfaction and uneasiness now from its own law-abiding supporters (a lot of whom are resigning, defecting or simply disassociating themselves with the party). The illegal President and his Ministers are all making announcements and statements in the media as if its business as usual…I was fully in support of Mr Jagdeo when he said in his press conference soon after the GECOM announcement that our President has “tripped” – that he is not mentally fit and proper to be a leader. Totally true! However, when you put it all in perspective, the entire APNU/AFC Administration is mentally unfit. It just defies logic that all these people can brave all of this shame and still actually continue to do illegal outreaches and tell all these lies. Mr Jagdeo and his team are always urging the citizens of this country to rebuke this dictatorship and rightfully so. No sane person would like to revisit the horrifying days of tyrannical PNC rule. It is very encouraging to see this momentous movement countrywide repelling this looming dictatorship so fiercely.However, it is equally disturbing to see some hardcore supporters still “cuddling” dictatorship. I have noticed many illegal Ministers appearing on various shows, being addressed with legal titles by the, well, actually very small number of hosts. Simona Brooms recently appeared on a show and she was treated like someone decent! I looked at the show with total disgust at how bias it was. They both, however, totally avoided the serious issues of the No-Confidence Motion and what followed up to the point of the Government now “ruling” in an illegal capacity. The show skirted on whimsy issues and mostly “woman talk” nothing genuine, intellectual or inspiring.I am totally appalled by this small number of people who support this dictatorship. I fully respect the supporters of the APNU/AFC and any other party, because Guyana is supposed to be a democratic country where people are free to believe, marry, worship and support who they choose. However, that very freedom and democracy can be taken away from us in a blink if we condone this dictatorship and give it roots, this should resonate within the entire nation. People in power are entitled to make mistakes or be carried away by power, but we are not helping them or the country if we condone it. Because the mistakes of a President or his Administration affect the entire country. We could make them better if we condemn and point out these things in a firm and supportive way. The now illegal President and his Administration had the fair chance to make a change for the better of this country, but they all got power-drunk and were made to believe by their hardcore supporters that they are invincible. Well “they had their six” and now the masses are speaking out very loudly and the needs of the many definitely outweigh the needs of the few in this dramatic situation. The people will always hold the power..not the people in power.I am totally embedded with the struggle for freedom and democracy in Guyana.Sincerely,Shane Lindielast_img

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