Fear struck over rising crime

first_imgDear Editor,An opinion survey conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) in the last week of January has found a nation fear struck by the spiraling crime situation — worried they would become victims of rampant criminality. The crime is impacting on social and religious activities with people saying they have curtailed evening movements. Almost everyone feels unsafe saying they are constantly watching over their back fearful of being a victim of the ongoing crime wave even in their own home or at work. The survey also found widespread disapproval of the government’s negotiation and acceptance of the US $18 M bonus from Exxon as well as how the government handled the money (seeking to secretly stash it away).The survey interviewed 490 individuals to represent the ethnic diversity (41 per cent Indians, 30 per cent Africans, 18 per cent Mixed, 10 per cent Amerindians, one per cent others) of the population. The findings, analysed at a significance level of 95 per cent, has a margin of error of four per cent.Sincerely,Vishnu Bisramlast_img

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