Doorbell Surveillance Company Partners with 500 Police Agencies

first_imgWith crimes being solved increasingly using evidence from surveillance video, doorbell-surveillance camera company Ring has announced that it is now partners with 500 local police agencies across the nation.Ring’s partnership allows police agencies to request video recorded by homeowners’ cameras at a certain time and area.Officers will not receive ongoing or live-video access, and homeowners have the option of whether to grant access or not.According to Sergeant Josh Kloster of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Ring has helped his staff solve crimes more quickly. He adds, “We see it all the time, catching suspects in the act of committing a crime. Whether they’re walking up to the front door of a home to see if anybody’s there, stealing packages or checking car door handles at night.”On the other hand, the police partnerships have prompted more than 30 civil rights organizations to raise concerns about privacy. Those groups are asking lawmakers to end the police partnerships.For its part, the company has issued a response to those concerns. It states:“Ring has taken care to design these features in a way that keeps users in control and believes open communication is an important step in building safer, stronger communities.”last_img

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