Too Many Penalties

first_imgI was watching the pro game on TV last Thursday.  There were at least 5 personal foul calls in the short time I had the game on.  I know there is a tremendous effort to cut down on injuries, especially concussions, but I think they have gone overboard in the name of safety.Four of the five penalties were borderline calls.  In one case, a defensive end was called for roughing the passer when he merely made a typical quarterback sack.  It was a hard hit, but isn’t that what football is all about?  He hit the quarterback with his shoulder and the contact was below the shoulder, so it was not a blow to the head.  It was also not late, because the quarterback was still upright and had the ball in his hand.  He could have taken off running.In another incident, a defensive back tackled the pass receiver just a split second after he appeared to have caught the football.  If you are not allowed to tackle pass receivers any more, how are you going to defend passes?  Maybe the rule makers will take a look at these penalties and allow the referees a bit more leeway in deciding if it was vicious or just typical football.last_img

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