Teacher Helps Kindergartener Announce Gender Change to Shocked Classmates

first_imgCalifornia Family Council 21 August 2017Family First Comment: “Teaching transgender ideology to children amounts to child abuse,” Dr. Cretella (President of the American College of Pediatricians) said. “It disrupts normal cognitive development, and leads many children down the path of unnecessary and dangerous hormone treatments and surgeries. The reactions of fear and confusion among young children exposed to gender bending story books and cross-dressing demonstrations similar to what happened at Rocklin School are predictable.”With the help of his teacher and under the guidance of his parents, a kindergarten student in Rocklin, California announced his new gender identity to his class in a way that confused and scared some of his classmates, and upset parents of the students. Despite receiving numerous parental complaints, officials from the public charter school defended the teacher’s decision to allow a “transition ceremony,” explaining state and federal laws against discrimination prevented them from stopping what happened.The incident happened at the end of the school year on June 7 at Rocklin Academy Gateway, a charter school northeast of Sacramento. The parents of a little boy wanted to ensure their son’s kindergarten class accepted his “transition” into a female gender identity, so the boy brought some books on transgenderism for the teacher to read to the class. One of the children’s books, titled “I Am Jazz,” is co-written by a biologically male teen named Jazz Jennings who identifies as transgendered girl. In the book, Jazz describes how he “transitioned” from a boy to a girl after a doctor told him at the age of three that his affinity for colors, clothes, and activities typically associated with girls meant he was transgendered, having “a girl brain, but a boy’s body.”According to five different parents who heard the same story from their children, once the teacher finished reading the book, the five-year old entered the class bathroom dressed as a boy. After a few minutes, he emerged wearing a dress and girl’s shoes. The children were then told by the teacher the boy’s new “girl name” and that they should think of and refer to their classmate as a girl. (For privacy reasons, the name of the child and his parents are not included in this story.) The parents of other students were not notified this was going to happen and only found out when they heard their children’s reactions at home that night.Some children reacted in fear and confusion, while others expressed doubts about their own gender. The following account is from a parent who describes the reaction her child had after witnessing a classmate announce he was a girl. (The parent asked that her name not be used out of fear of retaliation.)READ MORE: http://www.californiafamily.org/2017/teacher-helps-kindergartener-announce-gender-change-to-shocked-classmates/Keep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img

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